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    CPJ Players Upset Not Getting Swag

    That sux, i loved his efforts as a player for us, he was such a key part of our defense in ‘14
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    Starting QB speculation

    He was a 4 star recruit as a WR iirc
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    ACC Expansion

    Hawaii ftw!
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    Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    I think if we could have taken a lead and gone run heavy we could have wore them out in the 4th, the score didnt really let us go with that gameplan.
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    Article Sizing Up The Syracuse Orange

    Awesome write-up, thank you!
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    ACC Expansion

    Tulane, road trips to Nawlins would be awesome
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    UCF injuries list

    Is Chimezda out for the season?
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    Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    Total dousch move
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    Article GT vs UCF Postgame Thread

    Our guys never quit after getting down big, defense came out after halftime and played much better. Sims had a rough game, it’s all part of being a true frosh QB, i am high on the future of this team and program
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    To HELL With georgia!
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    GT vs UCF Uniform Reveal

    SO clean. All the blue haters can just chill for a week or so....
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    GT vs UCF Uniform Reveal

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    ATL week 2

    So basically ATL is meaningless, There’s no logical order to it- injured players show up on it, players who won’t play at all show up on it, and then others play who aren’t listed on it at all. It’s almost like it just exists to confuse everyone and create discussion.
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    Week 2 #UCFvsGT Predictions

    300+ CPJ crush their will to live style
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    Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    AB is gonna feast on that coverage