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  1. If the ACC scraps divisions...

    I think GT-Duke stays as a permanent opponent. Nearly 90 straight years playing each other. I don't see Duke-NCST as a real rivalry. They both hate UNC.
  2. ACC Discussion 2021-22

    Duke had an 8 man rotation with six getting most of the minutes, The other 2 got about 12 minutes . Of the 6 primary players 3 were freshmen2 were sophomores and 1 was a junior. The 2 getting 12 minutes were a grad transfer and a senior. They were young but not a pure one and done group. I...
  3. Del Alexander - New WR Coach

    The amount of P5 experience now on our Coaching Staff compared to the past 3 years is dramatically higher. That has to be a good step in the right direction. Is it enough is the question.
  4. One question for each ACC Program

    Good breakdown for each team
  5. NCAA Tournament

    Truth. Of course the Tech student body has moved in a different direction as well. The gap is absurdly wide now between the star student athletes and the rest of the Tech student body. That is a real disadvantage for GT.
  6. NCAA Tournament

    You think Kenny Anderson, Dennis Scott and Stephon Marberry came to GT for the “education” value. We simply put our foot in the water and get scared and pull out. There are zero clean programs in the NCAA in football or basketball.
  7. The 'weak' ACC has three teams in the Elite Eight!

    Michigan played 7 OOC games against NCAAT teams. They went 3-4. Lost to Arizona, Villanova, UNC and Seaton Hall. Beat Tenn, CSU and SDST. Much better schedule than Wake. And as Red said they were a last 4 in team.
  8. ACC Discussion 2021-22

    Reasonable thoughts. I might take a 10 day period in late January and have the inter conference games when the teams are seasoned but still have Conference games left. Sadly neither approach will occur as the NCAA is very content with things as they currently exist.
  9. ACC Discussion 2021-22

    It’s the top teams beating ranked non conference teams that matter.
  10. The 'weak' ACC has three teams in the Elite Eight!

    The B1G did fold. UNC was always a very talented team that played poorly early season and cost them in their season long rankings and NCAAT seeding. They seemed to come together as a team mid February and have played very well for most of the last month plus. Likely due to a new coaching...
  11. ACC Discussion 2021-22

    If the SEC lost all their early season non conference games the perception would change. That hasn't happened yet.
  12. The 'weak' ACC has three teams in the Elite Eight!

    Regardless of how many times the truth of why the ACC got so few teams in the NCAAT and why it was perceived as a weak conference this year is laid out a large chunk of posters will simply think it is anti ACC bias. It's not anti ACC bias. Simply win more OOC games against all opponents in...
  13. NCAA Tournament

    W watch all the screens UCLA sets for watch all the baseline screens UCLA sets for Bernard and Jaquez. They really work hard to get shooters open.
  14. ACC Discussion 2021-22

    Win more OOC games against good teams.
  15. NCAA Tournament

    I hope you are correct. History under CJP says differently. One NCAAT in 6 years is bad and a 9 seed at that. No HS recruits this year. As I said transfers have been ok, average whatever term you want to use but not at the level to take a program from the bottom of the conference to the top...