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  1. Time to say goodbye.

    I found this site almost ten years ago. Since then, I have visited this site nearly every day - to the point where I have made it my home page on almost all my web browsers. It has become my default site for killing time. :) I am certainly not a prolific poster (as anyone can see from my...
  2. Time to say goodbye.

    We already have a thread to introduce ourselves when we join the site. I thought it might be time to start one when we step away.
  3. Army vs GA State

    Did you see where Army had 42 (!) minutes time of possession - 24 minutes TOP more than Ga State. That's absurd... And a lot of what makes this offense so much fun to watch... You get the ball back with 7 minutes left in a one score game and you already know that the game is over...
  4. Army vs GA State

    Yeah, I still miss it. I used to re-watch games just to watch the different blocking patterns in slow motion. I would tell people that it was like watching a mathematical equation play out on a football field. I really enjoyed your offensive breakdowns of the games BTW...
  5. New Movies

    Anyone else watched Reminisce yet? Started out well - kind of like a Raymond Chandler novel but set in the future. The middle was weak, but had a decent ending. Overall not a great movie, but a good way to kill a couple of hours.
  6. Amazed how people just don’t want to work

    You know it's funny...There are recorded discussions just like this dating back to the Greek philosophers of 500 B.C. I think it is just the nature of getting older. :)
  7. Comcast ?

    Your firstborn child. LOL :)
  8. Expansion Talk 2021

    Man could you imagine getting to go to Annapolis or to West Point to watch a Tech away game? That would be absolute bliss...
  9. ACC Media Days - Football Kickoff

    Yeah I noticed that too. There is no way he is 6'3. He may be 6'0...
  10. kg01's cool (or not so cool) nickname

    I do think this derailment, is worthy of it's own thread, however. :)
  11. Funny Stuff

    Best. Place. Ever.
  12. COVID at CWS

    Are you trying to get everyone to distrust vaccines. LOL :)
  13. Anyone have a pellet grill?

    Then again, I do all my smoking and grilling on a Webber kettle, so what do I know. :) Yesterday I smoked some bratwurst and then kicked up my temperatures to grill some salmon and some artichokes...
  14. Anyone have a pellet grill?

    In general pellet grills don't impart the best smoke flavor. If you decide to go that direction, I would highly recommend getting a pellet smoker tube to augment your smoke production
  15. Anyone have a pellet grill?

    Do you want it mainly as a grill or a smoker?