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    Livin with the Rubble Collins Left Us in Philly

    Mayfield is really not top tier. Gotta go with Bluebell. They had a listeria outbreak a few years back. Didn’t care, bought more Bluebell. That’s how good it is.
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    Livin with the Rubble Collins Left Us in Philly

    I can’t imagine being a Temple fan. Being a Tech fan can be tough at times, but that is another level of masochism.
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    Jerry Howard transferring out

    Good luck Jerry! I hope you find success on and off the field.
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    ACC Discussion 2020

    That would be fine. Part of the reason they have leverage is because we allow it. We can deal with one less team in other sports because we dealt with a lot less for years prior. We can find other teams to schedule OOC. Then maybe we can play it in our stadium instead of the Benz. This isn’t...
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    ACC Discussion 2020

    Clemson not looking very good. Every great fall starts with a stumble. We did. $$$. But new commish should give them an ultimatum, all sports or no sports.
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    GT Defensive Stats by Year

    Best starting 4 of my fan life. Also best DT combo.
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    Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    I think 7 wins is a good barometer for next year. We are still young at some spots, but we should be middle of the pack overall talent wise, so I would expect our record to reflect that. I have given him two asterisk years but I think next year we can expect some results.
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    National Signing Day Coverage

    Ezzard played and had some contributions. He didn’t crack the lineup at Miami but he was redshirting. He had to sit out all of last year. He has 3 years to contribute more. This is the equivalent of calling Dontae Smith a bust after last season. Clayton was hurt most of the year, but I’ll...
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    ACC Discussion 2020

    You can’t expect no drop off. I think the bigger issue for next year is losing Rodgers and Etienne too.
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    Jalen camp entering draft

    I think he will end up as a TE. I know Collins says he's a WR, but we split our TE off formation a good bit this year, and I think thats where we stick him early. Functionally no different than a WR. Long term, I don't see him staying at 220.
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    Jalen camp entering draft

    I did forget haynes. Add him to the slot mix. 11 guys for all 3 WR spots, 8 guys for the 2 outside WR spots. I could definitely see a transfer out after spring ball from this group.
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    Jalen camp entering draft

    Good luck to him. He ended the season as our best receiver. Someone said earlier he may have to go the slow Waller route, as a TE/H-Back, Oddly enough, I could see Oakland taking him. Chucky loves TE's. WR group: Carter, Ezzard, Harris, Sanders, McCollum, Norris, King, Boyd Add in Blackstrain...
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    ACC Discussion 2020

    We get another shot
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    Tucker Gleason Enters the Transfer Portal

    If you aren’t in trouble when your number 1 goes down, then you’re already in trouble.
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    Who returns/leaves?

    That is as big as any recruit. I like the fact he will be here to help Pendley along, as I think they’re cut from the same mean streak cloth