Moderation & Warnings

Moderation & Warnings

Certain upstanding members have been appointed as moderators to help keep the community clean and civil. At their discretion, these moderators can send warnings to members as a way to remind the member of the community rules. If you receive a warning, it is strongly encouraged to evaluate the warning carefully and determine how they violated the community rules.

Warnings may have points associated with them and these points are determined by the severity of the rule violation. Warning points may also have expiration dates associated with them and by default are thirty (30) days. Members will be automatically assessed community penalties as a result of accumulating warning points. Members with multiple warning points will be reprimanded as follows:

Three (3) or more.
Your access and activity in the community will be purposefully discouraged. You will be presented with various annoyances by random chance designed to discourage your participation in the community until your warning point count expires to below the threshold.
Four (4) or more.
Banned from the community until warning points expire below the threshold. If you have accumulated five non-expiring warning points, you will be permanently banned from the community.
Five (5) or more.
Banned from the community for four months then one non-expiring warning point added to account.

The thresholds for penalties are extremely lenient and gives every member ample chances to learn and abide by the community rules. Please do not abuse the leniency. Administrators can and will permanently ban members that are intentionally disruptive.

If you feel that a moderator had unfairly or personally targeted you with a warning, feel free to click on the "Report" link under the private warning you received in your Inbox. Reported posts are visible to all moderators.