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Do you ever get with other Chicago Jackets for game viewing? My daughter and her boyfriend are in Chicago and have gone to one or two. They moved there in July last year. He's from Evanston and they live in Buena Park.
Thanks for the Heads up on the parking lot and spot hero. I will be in that lot on Saturday starting at 1:00. I will provide the beer, whiskey or soft drinks for the lead. Thanks again!!
I have to guess you could be close to my age ( hope you are not that old ) Yes I think both of us are right about Vietnam , people didn't want to see people they went to school with die. I had 5 very good friends killed over there one die a few after he came back but it was an injury from the war. The reason I say TV ( News ) was cause it was the first real War that was on the news every day. .
I agree with you. Several of my HS classmates could not get deferents while I was playing college basketball and getting a degree. Some of the letters I received were heart breaking. That wall in Washington was hard for me the first time.
Hello, bishopbee here, AKA 57golftango on discord sending pm per request
Attended my first Tech game in 1966 with my H.S. team, in Dodd’s last year. Favorite game was 1984 Ga game in Athens led 35-6.Red mass exit.
Chris, based upon your posting on merchandising, I am curious, are you the Chris from the old Tailgaters Alley? Mark GT '83
Any chance you are getting tickets for this show? My wife and daughter are wanting to attend. I have a feeling they will get shut out of this show. Would be interested in two tickets if you have any extras. go jackets!!!!
I can’t find a location on your page. I’m in Duluth, Ga.
The offer stands. Lunch. My treat!
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Thank you — it is very kind of you. I am in Atlanta but I’ll politely decline for now. But if you feel I’ve gone on a off-based or personal attack and want to report or petition mods to delete the posts I won’t object. For sure I haven’t meant anything personal — the sequence of reading the posts and inferring intents certainly triggered me. But, yes, happy New Year, and above all, peace and goodwill among us. +
John, my dad, Jimmy Thompson, starred for the Jackets and Coach Dodd from 1954-1957. Dad passed away this past Saturday, December 21 at the age of 85 after a long battle with Dementia/Alzheimer's. I would like to post his obituary on the site for all GA Tech faithful to see. What is the best way to post so that the announcement will get the greatest coverage?
I have zero desire to start a feud with an internet persona, complete waste of time and effort. I apologize for stepping over the line and attacking your persona.