Jalen Camp on Packer & Durham


Ramblin' Wreck
This is great.

Was this a part of a longer interview somewhere? I scanned through the recording from yesterday's show and could not find it (there does not appear to be one today and they are wearing the same thing in yesterday's show).
This year doesn't count towards eligibility for any player.
Maybe we can not tell our Guys, let them think that this yr counts -maybe free up schollies for DLs that come out of HS at 6-4 300lbs, maybe a couple of TEs that can run that are at least 6-6, and of course as many 6-5 and taller OLs that we can find, then we load up on LBers

We also need to start poaching the lower Levels, that NFL Prospect from NDak State miraculously transferred to LSU and started at MLB from Day1

LSU losing this yr isn't on him, he's just as good as their LBs from last yr that are now in the NFL

Scour the G5 & FCS Levels and find guys that are getting noticed by the NFL and use a "runner" to see if they might wanna Xfer to GT, play in the ACC & enjoy College in ATL, Ga before they go to the NFL

D'Eriq King and that 6-6 270lb DE didn't just end up at Miami by accident

We need to start thinking outside the box and keep pace with the opposition