Gasparilla Bowl v UCF postgame celebration bonanza extravaganza


Ramblin' Wreck
Seattle, WA
Brock is really good.
Brock used to do weekly sessions called “Brock’s Chalk Talk” where he would review a Seahawks play from that week’s game. He would always start each video with the words “Players, Formations, Plays” to highlight the building blocks of every successful team. The guy knows his stuff and is great at breaking things down for us fans.


Helluva Engineer
North Shore, Chicago
After watching the defense last night and how they finished the year am I the only one that thinks Kevin Sherrer deserves a chance to be our DC next year? The defense got better after KS took over. Go look at the points UCF scored this year and we shut them down in the second half. I believe we’ve got our DC folks.
I agree with this. I haven't seen a single quote or report about him not being the DC next year. The "Co" was taken off his title when Thacker was demoted. Sherrer was named DC then. Is there any reason to believe CBK has changed his mind about that?


Georgia Tech Fan
I actually didnt think the UCF DB retained possession in bounds. It was a heck of a play, a good throw, good effort from ESJ, and a helluva play by the defender.
I agree...looked to me like ball was loose when his hip touched the line...


Helluva Engineer
Great to close out a win. The chat was doom and gloom for the first hour but picked up as the team did. Glad none of us are on the team.

Haynes King and Jamal Haynes. Defense bowed up. Harvey came in clutch after struggling. Biggers was near the ball and swarming.

Appreciate dontae and jaylon. That officially wraps up the CPJ era players. Excited to see us full swing into Brent Key at the helm.

All in all 7 wins never felt so good. LETS.GO JACKETS! Only 9 months or so until kickoff boys! THWg!