Clempson vs Louisville


Helluva Engineer
The game is tomorrow night in Louisville.
U of L needs to get in the W column and I'm not sure he won't happen tomorrow night.
Being the jerking he is, CBP will have his team ready and perhaps focused.
If U of L were to win, can you imagine what talking heads will say about the acc atlantic?
It will give a view of CU also.

Muhammad Ali is said to be in attendance as well to receiver an honorary degree.
It might be worth watching jusy to get a glimpse at the former champ.


Helluva Engineer
has thrown two interceptions tonight, I understand he's a great player and very atheletic, and guys have bad games sometimes, but that hype train for him before the season even started cracks me up when no one has seen him play a full season yet. Go Clemson though, helps us if they are undefeated when we play, and beat them.


Helluva Engineer
Lawson is a player. Their defense is still very good, but they aren't at the level they were last year. That's understandable with all the talent they lost.
Gallman is a good back, but he isn't Ellington.
They don't really have a big play receiver. All possession guys. Losing Williams probably hurts their ability to stretch the field.
OL was inconsistent. I think they run block better than pass block. But Clemson wants to throw it 35 times a game.

They are still a good team. I think many glossed over losing Morris and a lot of guys on D.


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Clemson's next game is over 2 weeks away against ND at home on 10/3, followed by our game in Death Valley. They have the opposite 'bye' schedule from us where they'll have 9 games in a row to close out the season. We're starting the season with 9 in a row.