Georgia Tech announced on Tuesday that the athletics association will move on after a long tenure under apparel sponsor Russel Athletic and sign a new 6-year deal with adidas. Many Georgia Tech fans felt this change was long overdue, and the general reaction to the news has been overwhelmingly positive. GTSwarm reached out to current Georgia Tech football verbal commits from the 2018 recruiting class to get their reactions to the news.

The following are the results of the survey:

1. What is your preferred apparel/uniform brand?

TK Chimedza: Anything that has me looking good, to be honest

PJ Harris: Adidas

Luke Johns: Adidas

Harrison Jump: 3 stripes all the way

Jaylon King: I prefer Nike since I grew up wearing Nike, but Adidas is going to be a nice change

Mike Maye: I don't really have a preference but the "Big 3" - Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour - are my favorites

Austin Smith: I actually like the Adidas uniforms better than any other

Dontae Smith: My preference is Adidas. I've always liked their football uniforms

Juanyeh Thomas: Adidas

Zamari Walton: Adidas or Jordan

Tijai Whatley: Adidas is my brand. I have always worn Adidas

2. Did you know that Georgia Tech was still sponsored by Russell Athletic?

TKC: Yes, lol, I did

PJH: Yes sir, I knew

LJ: Yes sir

HJ: Yes

JK: Yes

MM: Yes

AS: Yes. Been too long

DS: I did. I noticed it in pictures

JT: Yes, I did know

ZW: Yes

TW: Yes, I know about Tech being sponsored by Russell

3. Did you know Tech was signing a new apparel deal?

TKC: Yea. I've been going back and forth with Coach Roof trying to figure out what it was going to be

PJH: Yes sir, I just didn't know with which company

LJ: I did but I wasn't sure who they were signing with

HJ: Yes

JK: Yes

MM: Yes

AS: I knew they were signing a new deal, just didn't know with who

DS: I also knew this. Coach told me about it when I visited

JT: I knew they were going to sign a deal, I just didn't know where

ZW: Yes

TW: Yes, I read that Ga Tech was coming out with a new deal and I was excited to see which brand

4. On a scale from 1-5, how excited are you to hear that Tech is moving from Russell to Adidas?

TKC: 20

PJH: 5. I'm very excited!!

LJ: 5. I'm excited but I would be fine with any brand

HJ: 5

JK: 5

MM: 5

AS: 5. Those Russell uniforms needed some work

DS: Definitely a 5

JT: 5

ZW: 5

TW: 5. They are switching to my favorite brand

5. On a scale from 1-5, how much do you think recruits care about what uniform supplier they wear?

TKC: 5

PJH: About a 4. Most players look at what looks "cool"

LJ: 3. For me, I don't care at all but I've heard of some recruits caring about the apparel a lot

HJ: 3, although I don't think that should be a factor in what school you pick

JK: 4 because most players like how we look before we play. Look good, feel good, play good!

MM: 3

AS: Uniforms don't play in any role for recruitment

DS: I'd say 4. People like to look good

JT: Yes, uniforms is a big part of it, YOU LOOK GOOD YOU PLAY GOOD

ZW: 5

TW: 5 most definitely, uniforms is a great way to express your team. Also, each recruit wants to look cool in their gear

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For media and fans alike, Georgia Tech's annual football media day provides the first opportunity to meet the newest version of the Yellow Jackets. GTSwarm was fortunate to attend for our fourth year running. In honor of our fourth year, we asked all 9 student-athletes the same four questions, and the following are the results of the poll.

In the eyes many, we saved the most critical question for last.

What are the team's expectations and goals for the 2017 season?

We always want to win, but you have to take it one week at a time. -Redshirt junior quarterback Matthew Jordan

We have a saying: "start at the dome, finish at the dome." Obviously, we start against Tennessee in the Mercedes-Benz stadium, and the National Championship this year is also at Mercedes-Benz stadium, so our sights are set on that National Championship Game. -Senior defensive end KeShun Freeman

We don't have any set goals, but of course you always want to get to the ACC Championship. As a team, you always want to win, but I would say winning our division and getting back to the ACC Championship. -Senior cornerback Lance Austin

Double digit wins, and just getting better overall. Getting better as a team is always our goal. -Junior quarterback TaQuon Marshall

I would say just winning a championship. We want to end up in Charlotte, and ultimately in the College Football Playoff. That's our team goal. -Junior linebacker Brant Mitchell

Building off of what we did last year. 9-4 is an OK season, but of course you want to be better. We want to make the playoff and the National Championship. -Redshirt junior A-Back Qua Searcy

I know we have the athletes and capabilities to go to the ACC Championship and the National Championship. You just have to have that willingness and belief. -Redshirt senior safety Corey Griffin

Win the ACC and the National Championship. -Redshirt senior wide receiver Ricky Jeune

Win the Coastal division, and keep it rolling. -Senior offensive tackle Andrew Marshall

Poll result: Just win, baby.

Which players have emerged as leaders of this year's team?

Definitely J.J. Green, Clinton Lynch, Qua Searcy. Andrew Marshall has taken leadership of the line and I'd say Will Bryan too. A lot of guys are stepping up, especially those who have been here for a while. -Matthew Jordan

Corey Griffin, Ricky Jeune, and Antonio Simmons are guys the team looks to as leaders. -KeShun Freeman

I'd definitely say Lawrence Austin came up as a leader, Corey Griffin, and Antonio Simmons for the defensive line. They've been asking everyone for their all, and they've been giving it their all too. -Lance Austin

The Austin twins, and Antonio Simmons on the defense. J.J. Green has been pretty vocal and a leader on the offense. -TaQuon Marshall

Vocally, I think myself this offseason. Leading by example is Corey Griffin and Lawrence Austin. -Brant Mitchell

I definitely feel like TaQuon Marshall did. He showed a lot of leadership. I would say myself, but I'm not a selfish guy. Also KeShun Freeman, he definitely picks everybody up and shows a lot of leadership. -Qua Searcy

In high school, I was more of a vocal leader than I am now. I came in and I took on watching people and we didn't really have any vocal leaders. I came in, and I saw that was what we really needed. Me, Lawrence Austin, Ricky Jeune, and Antonio Simmons, we took on that role to be more vocal because the team really needed that aspect and I'm comfortable with it. The team seems to cope well with it, and I appreciate them for it. -Corey Griffin

Myself, Corey Griffin, Lawrence Austin, KeShun Freeman, Antonio Simmons; all the seniors, really. -Ricky Jeune

We'll really identify it in camp. Corey Griffin, Ricky Jeune, and some different people are all trying to step up, and it'll sort itself out. -Andrew Marshall

Poll result: Corey Griffin (6), Antonio Simmons (5), Lawrence Austin (5), Ricky Jeune (4), Qua Searcy (DQ'd).

Which team/game are you most looking forward to playing?

Definitely Tennessee. Jacksonville State is another one; I've got high school teammates playing over there, so it'll be fun. -Matthew Jordan

There's the obvious rivalry we have with the University of Georgia, so I'm probably looking to that one the most. We haven't won at home yet, and this is my last year so I really want to win in Atlanta. -KeShun Freeman

Tennessee. You have to go game by game, and take it one week at a time. -Lance Austin

Besides Tennessee, I'd say UGA. -TaQuon Marshall

Tennessee. Being from there for me makes it special, but our eyes are focused on the game ahead of us, not looking down the road. -Brant Mitchell

I would say Tennessee because it's the first game. -Qua Searcy

Tennessee. -Corey Griffin

Tennessee. I don't like to jump ahead. -Ricky Jeune

We have to take each game in stride, so Tennessee; that's what we're focused on and then we have to keep on rolling from there. -Andrew Marshall

Poll result: Tennessee (8), Georgia (2), Jacksonville State (1). To end at the dome, we need that first one in the dome.

Which uniform supplier do you prefer?

Honestly, I like Adidas right now. -Matthew Jordan

I don't have a preference. -KeShun Freeman

I don't care. I'm not gonna wear it anyway. -Lance Austin

I don't really have one, but if I had to choose I guess it'd be between Under Armour or Adidas. -TaQuon Marshall

I'll say Nike. -Brant Mitchell

If I had to choose, I think I would pick Adidas. -Qua Searcy

Nike. -Corey Griffin

Nike, but I also like Adidas. -Ricky Jeune

Nike. -Andrew Marshall

Poll result: Nike (4), Adidas (3), Abstain (2), Under Armor (1). Oh, and Russell Athletic (0).

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This year's Media Day schedule began with a 30 minute press conference with Coach Paul Johnson who is beginning his 10th season on The Flats.

Following Coach Johnson's press conference was a round robin of 9 individual player interviews. Representing the Jackets were three waves of three players at a time in the Edge Center trophy room, positioned at their own tables.

Hear what they had to say here.

Head Coach Paul Johnson (28 min)

CB Lance Austin (8 min)

QB Matthew Jordan (10 min)

DE KeShun Freeman (3 min)

AB Qua Searcy (8 min)

LB Brant Mitchell (9 min)

S Corey Griffin (7 min)

WR Ricky Jeune (5 min)

OT Andrew Marshall (6 min)