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  1. #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Successful QBs distribute the ball. Nesbitt, Tevin, and JT all did that effectively. Yates does too.
  2. Hire Geoff Collins

    I formation, two tight ends, Biggers or Wing at FB, Mason at HB, and plow ahead.
  3. 'Rique's Targeting Call

    Did you have a hard night?
  4. 'Rique's Targeting Call

    2 posts prior to that comment in a thread specifically about that topic is preoccupied to you? ok then... What should we do in this thread titled "'Rique's Targeting Call" if not discuss the officiating on that play and the rule itself?
  5. 'Rique's Targeting Call

    I change my position back then, it was not targeting as he was not defenseless and never made contact with the crown.
  6. #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Yep, their longest play from scrimmage was 19 yards I believe, D did a good job not letting any get past them.
  7. 'Rique's Targeting Call

    Its not leading with the crown if the crown never hit the other player. It didn't, you don't seem to know what the crown is. I will say that based on YJMD and lotta juice's posts, I was incorrect and it was targeting - not for leading with the crown, but for going high and leading with the...
  8. 'Rique's Targeting Call

  9. 'Rique's Targeting Call

    To protect the defender from a neck or spinal injury, not from getting hit in the side of the head. It was only dangerous to carpenter because the ball carrier lowered his head and hit carpenter, otherwise there wouldn't have even been helmet to helmet contact.
  10. GT vs Clemson Final Stats/Participation Report

    Kirby played pretty sure. These reports are never right
  11. 'Rique's Targeting Call

    Yea, was a BS call IMO. Rique lowered his head (literally every football player does this every time they hit someone), but he made contact with his shoulder, and the ballcarrier certainly wasn't defenseless and lowered his crown into the side of Tariq's head. The refs were horrible all night...
  12. #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Agreed, he plays like a veteran qb most the time, not a new guy or a backup. He puts in the extra effort to make a play, but makes smart decisions and doesn't gamble with the ball trying to make something happen.
  13. #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    Defense played well obviously, though I don't understand the constant 3 man front when they are running right at us. Offense did decent, too much sputtering and bad playcalling in the red zone, which has been a CGC hallmark, but at least we could get field goals this time. Yates is the guy going...
  14. #GTvsCLEM Postgame

    I would too if I was him and got told to fair catch at the 20 instead of trying to return the kick
  15. Gameday!!!

    Horrid officiating all game long