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  1. Game day app

    Sounds like an iphone problem, works fine on my android
  2. BC ATL Chart

    Mason warming up
  3. BC Uniform Reveal

    The cape day uniforms were fire, you are out of your mind. If they did the same thing but made the grey into white and the gold probably a shade darker, I'd want to wear those every year.
  4. 5-year anniversary of Miracle on Techwood

    I think we had a decent team, just got a lot of bad luck that season outside of the FSU game. 6 of our 9 losses were by 8 points or less.
  5. Observation and Overreaction

    If we were to go 2-10 for five straight years, the program would be 6 feet under. Yea, it's CPJ's fault that all the scholarship linemen got injured and the walk-ons we had starting weren't actually four-stars, what a crappy coach.
  6. Observation and Overreaction

    What? Two of our 3 losses were 1 score games in the 4th quarter, only Clemson "incinerated" us.
  7. Observation and Overreaction

    Nesbitt was no better at passing than Graham, he still would have been "without a qb".
  8. Dave Patenaude's Offense

    I'm not saying Clemson specifically has a weakness, was referring to all teams we play in general but maybe get under center and try to push instead of starting in shotgun, or do something where you get a guy 1 on 1 with the ball quickly where the disadvantage is less and may be beaten with a...
  9. Dave Patenaude's Offense

    There was a 4th and 1 in the first quarter yesterday, we had the ball in Clemson territory and were going for it, and DP calls for a handoff from the shotgun right up the middle that of course got stopped 2 yards in the backfield. That about sums up DP to me - he should know Clemson's line is...
  10. Game 5 ATL Chart

    Lots of speculation on Graham here based on nothing. For all we know he could have been out with an injury the last few games and that's why he wasn't listed. Everybody should know by now the ATL chart largely doesn't tell you anything.
  11. ACC Discussion 2020

    I think we have played the three worst ACC teams so far and came away 2-1. Every game from here on out will be much harder.
  12. Dontae Smith leading ACC in YAC

    I would think the way our RB room operates and performs, 4 and 5 star rb recruits would be salivating at the opportunity to come here and show off their ability.
  13. Jordan Domineck Pass Rush

    Imagine if we had gotten Roche from Temple instead of Miami🤯
  14. Revelations after 3 weeks

    We do have great running backs, so what he's doing seems to be working. Its everyone else that sucks.
  15. Game Delayed (20 minutes)

    Ok delay over, let's kick their teeth in for that BS.