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  1. AJC Geoff Collins interview, somewhat a preview of season 4

    That's probably a good thing. Better to under promise and over deliver instead of letting your mouth write checks your butt can't cash.
  2. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    Dude, just stop. Both teams scored only a field goal on a single drive each. They were within 80 yards of offense of each other. You sound like Geoff calling everything elite.
  3. Athlon: ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously (2022)

    I mostly agree with you, but the bolded part is hilarious. The same things said on this board that are said on every other Tech board, and the "negative ammunition" are conclusions anybody can see and draw on their own. Coaches don't need to come to a message board to figure out the obvious.
  4. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    UGA's offense managed 3 points, calling this a lopsided beatdown is hilariously inaccurate. Like being the tallest midget in the room, saying its the most lopsided 10-3 beatdown ever means absolutely nothing.
  5. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    Ironic, since not being competitive with UGA and Clemson has been a large part of the justification given for wanting CPJ out and to go away from the option.
  6. Athlon: ACC Coaches Talk Anonymously (2022)

    I don't usually put any stock in this stuff, but it can be interesting to read for the moment. The comments under BC about what Tech should've done were interesting, as well as Tech not being a developmental program and calling out Collins on his recruiting being as bad as under CPJ. And...
  7. Undrafted Player Deals

    You are incredibly vain. You post non-stop on this site, your posts are literally unavoidable. No one is obsessed with you, get over yourself. @GaTech4ever has already confirmed what my post said, which is that you are arguing about is not at all what he said.
  8. Undrafted Player Deals

  9. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    Practice makes perfect!
  10. Undrafted Player Deals

    Nobody is painting that picture. The only picture anyone is trying to paint is that there was more talent than a team that ends up 3-9 should have, which is absolutely true. Perhaps stop making wildly inaccurate claims and I will stop questioning why you seem to be on something. I've been on...
  11. Undrafted Player Deals

    Jack Coco played LS at Tech for at least 3 seasons, what kind of glue are you sniffing?
  12. Complaint department/Dump your rants here

    I'm not acting like I'm the only one getting warnings, I'm just asking for the rules to be applied equally to all users. The two references I made were specifically about posts I reported after having been given warnings for the same/similar behavior, and in both cases I was told "nah, we are...
  13. Complaint department/Dump your rants here

    It's wild how when I said the exact same thing about one of your posts I got my post deleted and got a warning, but yours is somehow not an issue. And when I guessed at your age, my post was deleted, but you and others have attacked other posters based on their age and the mods said it was free...
  14. Collins says players have 'chip on their shoulder'

    I drove by the local ihop today around noon and was astounded to see the parking lot full. Who is eating that at noon on a monday, especially with a waffle house right next door and numerous other restauraunts within a stone's throw?