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    GT hires Chip Long as new OC/QBs Coach

    I actually feel good about this hire. Not the person I wanted. I wanted Frank Ponce. But of the candidates that where interviewed he was my favorite.
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    OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    From what I remember Kelly left for FSU before an offer was given. But he is only making 850,000 at Alabama right now. So it would be more then Thacker's contract. But, win games and fans come to the stadium will make up the difference.
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    OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    Bateman was another name that came to mind as well. I just didn't put him down.
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    OC and DC replacement thoughts!!

    So in our fan base I have seen a lot of the fans asking what to do with the coaching staff. I have been behind Collins this whole time. I was a big believer in Andrew Thacker. I have never liked Dave Patenaude and thought he was a really bad hire for the program (my opinion on Patenaude). So...
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    Introduce yourself

    Hello everyone, My name is Andrew. I have been a Tech fan for as long as I can remember. Also, I am a first year season ticket holder. But, I have been to quite a few game before this year. Also, if I am not at the game then the game is either on TV or the radio in my house or truck. So I...
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    Updated win loss projections

    Agreed! I do think this year's game against uga might be closer then people might think.