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  1. Who's Moving from DL to OL?

    Devine got hurt Saturday
  2. Observations and Questions about CPJ's Contract

    Why is he breaking in a new starter in 2014? How often does a starting QB leave the team unless he is going to the NFL? It rarely occurs--thanks again PJ and just say good bye.
  3. Addressing the Vad Lee situation

    Gonna miss Vad--he did as much as he could with the predictable play calling by PJ--that is the opponents defenses new what was coming there way from us
  4. Idea for team this spring

    Good idea
  5. A Bruce Feldman tweet on CPJ

    In the last 4 years PJ has won 2 big games (Clemson 3 years ago & USC) out of the 53 that have been played during that time frame--this is really, really poor. For a long time now, he has been a very unsuccessful head coach for us. PJ should just leave with all of the money that we have over...
  6. Future of GT

    We need to hired a replacement for PJ I haven't seen many comments on PJ's statement after the game of: "we didn't play well enough in any facet to win the game" Why didn't they play well enough?-- a) Was it that the players didn't care?--no way b) Was it that the players didn't try?--no way c)...
  7. What would you do about our coach?

    Please get a new head coach Paul "6 to 7 losses a year" Johnson is a disaster, whose latest results is that of running off a good player like Vad Lee His offense has averaged 14 points in his bowl games at GA TECH--really a tell tale sign of what he & his system is not
  8. Paul Johnson: #9 Most Powerful Coach in CFB

    What do you mean when say "BYU was just a bad match up"?--must be nice to be able to just right off a game with this type of logic "Miami had Duke Johnson"--does this mean that if a team has 1 really good player then we can't beat them?
  9. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    I feel strongly that we will lose & support such with our performance this year along with who Ole Miss' beat & lost to in 2013 Those who feel that we will win have brought little to justify their position
  10. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    We even struggled to beat UNC and Pitt (both home games) We had a bad season and only beat average (including Duke since they played a really weak schedule) to below average teams Just because a team goes to a bowl game it doesn't make them a good team as 6 wins against lousy opponents gets you...
  11. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    My position was not just who Ole Miss played, but just as much about us this year We only beat 1 team this year that had a winning record (including the 2 FCS teams that we played)--it was Duke, who had a weak schedule themselves which sure helped them have better than a .500 wining percentage...
  12. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

  13. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    Facts are hard to argue against, thus you have to avoid them.
  14. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    Is this post for real? I never said that Old Miss was great The BCS uses the strength of schedule for its rankings--along with everyone else Didn't you post somewhere recently the ranking of our opponents offenses and defenses?
  15. GT (+3) vs. Ole Miss

    My appologies unto thee.... What does "nm." mean?