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    NL EAST 2021

    Major overpay for him. He is the best catcher in the MLB, but that is a ridiculous amount of money for a catcher already over 30.
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    2021 Baseball Schedule

    Extremely tough schedule, but I like our chances. Just win 2 out of 3 every weekend and we'll be a top 8 seed again.
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    Who’s on First? 2021 Depth Chart Guesses and Roster

    I agree with your depth chart. I do think that Jackson will be starting at 2nd by the end of the year and I also believe that Jenkins and Malloy will basically split time at 3rd. Malloy is the better defender, but it's going to be hard to keep Jenkins' bat out of the lineup.
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    Georgia Tech at Virginia, Jan 23, 8pm, ACC Network

    I forgot about that play. It would have been really nice to have those 2 points at the end there. It pisses me off that there are so many reviewable plays and that isn't one.
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    Class of 2022 - Baseball Commits

    I have to correct you here. It's Catcher I and Pitcher I ;)
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    2021 Baseball Schedule

    Well, I'm disappointed that we won't play them on a weekend and it's only 2 games so they could split with us. At least we play them, though.
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    2021 Recruiting Class & Transfers In

    It wouldn't surprise me to see Quinney move to LG if Defoor isn't coming back. I think that position would suit him better anyways.
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    NL EAST 2021

    That didn't last long.
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    A Blast from the Past

    Was at that game and that was one of the craziest sequences I've ever seen. Probably the best football game that I've seen in person too.
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    NL EAST 2021

    This move doesn't really make sense to me. As the tweet said, the Nats defense is really hurt by this move and the Bell trade. With as good of a pitching staff as they have, I would want an extremely strong defense and then just trust Turner and Soto to be the offense.
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    NL EAST 2021

    I wouldn't say that. We have the better pen, defense, and the rotations are about even right now. We just need to add a bat behind Freddie.
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    NL EAST 2021

    Big move by the Mets and something they desperately needed, but they are still a few pieces short. They need to strengthen their pen, get another OF, and find a way to improve their defense.
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    COVID-19 Fall Spread

    Hopefully he'll get better soon!!!!
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    Tucker Gleason Enters the Transfer Portal

    Extremely risky to go with one guy and stick with him? Well damn, just about every coach in the country must be an idiot in your opinion then.
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    NL EAST 2020

    I'd be very surprised if y'all didn't get one of Springer or Bauer, but I still think that the Mets are missing some pen help and another starter (2 if they don't get Bauer).