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    Returning players for 2021-22

    We have the depth...big question will be how many players CJP will play in a game on a regular basis. Just going from 7-8 to 10 will be a big change. I believe Kelly will get minutes if he continues to shoot the 3 as well as he did in HS. And PG could be Smith or Sturdivant, probably getting...
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    Mike Devoe officially staying

    Excellent decision Mr. Devoe...we look forward to watching you in an incredible upcoming season.
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    Returning players for 2021-22

    I'd love to give my 2 cents, but Techster covered it pretty well. Thanks.
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    Thank you 2020-2021 Georgia Tech Men's Basketball, your ACC Champion!

    A tip of the hat to the boys in white and gold (and blue). Great and entertaining season. Let's see who comes back next season. Pastner did a good job. If Jose does not come back will miss him immensely.
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    Georgia Tech, Your 2021 ACC Champions

    My wife had to use the paddles on me. This is incredible and a tribute to Pastner, Alvarado, Wright and the whole team! On to the big dance!
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    ACC Tourney

    If I don't have a stroke it should be a good game. Bring it on.
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    ACC Tourney

    Great win, even without Moses half of the game. Kudos to Howard for doing a good job in his place. The final inbounds play shows how great Alvarado is for just plain effort. Miami played a very good game, but were gassed at the end, as expected. Wong is going to be a good one.
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    ACC Tourney

    Was pulling for Miami. We play better against them and they're gassed after two games and a short bench.
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    Moses Wright POY & 1st team All-ACC, Jose Alvarado DPOY & 2nd team All-ACC

    A tip of the hat to these fine gentlemen! Heck, just give them the whole hat.
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    Double Bye baby.

    Like old times!!!
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    Duke @ GT Tues Mar 2nd @ 8PM ACCN

    I'm lucky to be alive after that. My wife was on call with the paddles. Tech may finally make it back to the dance and oddly Ratface may not. Even with Alvarado hurting and not playing his best of games the guys gutted through it. Wright was incredible. He's hit a new level.
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    Syracuse @ Georgia Tech, Saturday February 27th @ 12pm

    Great team effort! These guys are peaking. Nuff said.
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    Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, Tues, Feb 23, 7pm, RSN/ACCNX

    Great win, guys. It sounded pretty good on the radio. No more RSN games thank goodness. This team is peaking at the right time.
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    Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech, Tues, Feb 23, 7pm, RSN/ACCNX

    Join the party. It just me and the radio tonight like when I was a kid listening to the games. Nostalgic, but I'd really like to see this.
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    Georgia Tech @ Miami, 12pm Saturday February 20th

    Good grief. Who were those guys?