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    Scholarships left

    I'm afraid he committed a few weeks back to Southern Miss. Otherwise he would have been a good addition.
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    Scholarships left

    Note to my last post...Tchikou just committed to Rhode Island.
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    Scholarships left

    Unless Jermonte Hill gets a scholly I believe there are 2 openings. 6-11 Alex Tchikou is still available (Alabama 4 star player who has had some injury issues). He was on our watch-list early on. Don't know if we still have any interest.
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    The 'weak' ACC has three teams in the Elite Eight!

    I'd love to see an ACC team win the whole thing to further the point, but it's tough to not pull for St. Pete.
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    Khalid Moore in the Transfer Portal

    Thanks a lot Khalid. Wishing you the best and going to a team that can give you a lot of minutes.
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    Tech vs Louisville

    Kelly is the best hope for this team. Send him to the Varsity and put some weight on him. Very sad to see our seniors go, but this team needs realignment. Attack the portal with a vengeance Pastner. That was one weird game.
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    Season Finale vs. Boston College

    Good win...nice to see Parkview's own Miles Kelly (my daughter went to Parkview) show some future for next year's team.
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    @Pitt Saturday 7:00 pm

    A tip of the hat to Mr. Howard and the rest of the gang! Keep it up!
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    NC st. Vs GT, Battle to Stay/Get Out of the Basement

    I support this team through thick and thin, but I believe the thin level can't get any thinner. The first half was the worst I have seen under Pastner. No effective defense, horrible shooting and overall not caring, leading to frustration. I hope we hit the portal hard in the off season.
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    Tigers @ Tech 2/5

    Besides the win it's encouraging to see next year's players looking good and stepping up. Who would have thought we would win with 3 from Devoe.
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    GT vs. FSU, Wednesday Jan 26 at 9pm

    This is how we were expected to look this season. Hope we can keep it up.
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    GT vs. FSU, Wednesday Jan 26 at 9pm

    Excellent defense and game Jackets! Great play from all. Finally a warm, fuzzy feeling.
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    Bubba confirmed out for rest of season

    Bummer Bubba...make the best of it.
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    Boston College 9:00 pm on Wednesday

    Thank you Mr. Maxwell...another scoring option.
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    GT Hoops General Topics

    Is Howard available tonight???