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    Which bench post player contributes most in 2020-21?

    I see Saba and Meka both getting smaller minutes in the middle, but enough to have Moses at the 4 for some of the time. Then it looks like Usher will be there for most of his minutes.
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    PG Kyle Sturdivant Transfers to GT

    For a full bio here is his roster page at the USC site:
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    PG Kyle Sturdivant Transfers to GT

    Welcome aboard Mr. Sturdivant. May be just what the doctor ordered.
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    Pastner wanting ugag transfer

    Welcome Mr. Howard! I believe has has to sit a year per rules, but will hopefully work well in the middle with Gigiberia.
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    NCAA Tournament & COVID-19

    Caught the end of The Price is Right today (no sports to watch) with an apparent early shoot as the winner won a trip to Atlanta including hotel and tickets to the Final Four. Bummer.
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    Post season ban - no tourney

    I misspoke. Didn't quite mean that. It is good we accepted the ban this season. If we hadn't the tourney was still cancelled as was the NIT and, yes, we would have probably have been banned next season. It's just ironic.
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    Post season ban - no tourney

    It's ironic that we accepted the post-season ban and it wouldn't have mattered if we had participated. Even if we made the cancelled NIT.
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    Asanti Price to Transfer

    Saw this one coming. He wouldn't get much PT next season with Alvarado, Devoe, Parham and Maxwell, but he probably would have beyond that. Too bad, but the best to him.
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    Evan Cole to Transfer

    My guess would be Price, unless they plan to redshirt him next season. Too many guards for playing time (Alvarado, Devoe, Parham, Maxwell). And probably Didenko. Sjolund entered the portal this season and determined, after a redshirt, he wants to play at Tech. Good decision.
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    A list of recruiting debacles: This List goes to 11

    Brian Domalik...a good kid.
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    Evan Cole to Transfer

    What if! What if the unreliable NCAA finally acts on our appeal (ironically after our post season decision) and leaves a 12 man roster ruling intact. Then we wouldn't be able to fill his position, as best that I can see. Hope this doesn't happen, of course.
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    Evan Cole to Transfer

    One of the things I was afraid of, knowing that he graduates this spring. He would see a considerable increase in minutes next season, but he may looking for something different. So on to the grad transfer route with Sotto as a distant possibility. Maybe someone knows a lot more than us which...
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    Game Thread - @ Clemson, 3/6/2020

    By the way, Syracuse lost today giving them a 10-10 conference record and giving us the sole 5th place position after the "upper echelon." Not too shabby.
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    Game Thread - @ Clemson, 3/6/2020

    Thank you guys for a great ending to a strange but productive season. We are not Duke or any of the schools that collect McD players and try to turn them into winning combinations. We take guys who played one year of HS ball and gritty New Yorkers who play with passion and above what is...
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    Game Thread - Pitt, 3/4

    A major league tip of the hat to James Banks for his tenure here. Even when he only scores a basket the blocks, steals and rebounds helped to win the game. Still a shame we won't be playing in the ACC tourney, even though it's the right call. We may have done some damage. This was a team on a...