Been a GT fan since mid-1960's. My family lived in midtown, rented out extra rooms in our huge house to GT students. My mom worked in GT Research Center, my dad, after he retired from US Post Office, went to work at post office window in then new GT Student Center.

Everyone knew my dad, who, on Holiday weekends, would find students who could not go home for one reason or another, bring them home to a hot home-cooked Holiday meal in a family atmosphere.

My brother grad GT School of Engineering in 1970's.

Smylie Gebhart (RIP) was a family friend. My dad also knew Al Ciraldo and Kim King well. Coach Bobby Dodd went to same church we did, saw him often on Sundays.

We used to get a bunch of people together and walk over to Grant field to attend GT Football games.

One thing I have learned from these many years as a GT football fan.

"GT football is just good enough to break your heart"
Dec 21, 1949 (Age: 74)
Metro Atlanta
retired (partially disabled)


GT Football is just good enough to break your heart...