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  1. Observation and Overreaction

    Serious question? What level of suck is acceptable and when do we get to complain?
  2. Clemson Post-game Thread

    I will. They are 70 points better than we are.
  3. I Like What I See.....

    Great post!
  4. The Gauntlet

    32degrees at Miami. Being overlooked by Clemson and ND?
  5. Louisville Post Game

    Great team win. The Defense came up big. With that said, plenty of room for improvement: Special teams. Have they ever been this bad? 3rd and long. Seems like this has been a problem for decades. Better blocking. Every team could say that.
  6. The Future

    I’m hoping all of this is a bad memory one day. But in what year do we turn the corner? I’m hoping next year.
  7. Is Collins nasty enough to be a HC ?

    What do we look like in year 5? If we are in the elite, I can put up with the hiccups along the way.
  8. I have 2 things to say

    Grizzard: “Chicago has two seasons; Winter and the Fourth of July.” Get well soon!
  9. ACC Discussion 2020

    Long season unless things change.
  10. Revelations after 3 weeks

    Please explain.
  11. Starting QB speculation

    Regardless of the QB, when everyone runs the same offense, he better be pretty good. The future depends on it.
  12. Is Collins nasty enough to be a HC ?

    He was a defensive coordinator, so I’m sure he can be a SOB when he needs to be. My problem is Syracuse. You can’t tell me they have better talent than us. Is our new ceiling 4 wins?
  13. Help! I can't seem to watch the game, where can I?

    Glad I can’t get it. Are we playing at a high level?
  14. Starting QB speculation

    My impression of all of our QBs last year were as placeholders. Did I pull for them? Yes. But I didn’t see the potential to get us to the next level.