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  1. Expansion Talk 2021

    Techster, Georgia Tech is not going to join the SEC because the SEC does not want or need us. Tech cannot leave the ACC to join the B1G because the Grant of Rights money that we would owe would be too much to over come. Clemson or FSU would have to pay the Grant of Rights money if they wanted to...
  2. Georgia State vs Bobby Dodd Stadium

    A couple of things. There are other schools that would be a much better draw for the Big 12 to choose from. Georgia Tech is not going to the B1G or SEC. The SEC does not want Tech and Tech can't afford the Grant of Rights money to go to the B1G. Ga. State may be sitting in the #10 media market...
  3. Georgia State vs Bobby Dodd Stadium

    Here, I did this for you. See for yourself. One of the oddest places in college football to watch a game.
  4. A real Debate ( sorry don't make this about CPJ vs CGC )

    I think I would adjust those years. Even 1970 was 50 years ago. I'd start around the late 1990s, but I agree with you guys.
  5. A real Debate ( sorry don't make this about CPJ vs CGC )

    1. Defense 2. Recruiting 3. Offensive Linemen 4. Coaching 5. Quarterback 6. Luck 7. Ludicrous Money
  6. Survey for BDS

    I would like to know what kind of game plan he had during that time if he meant the furloughing of employees. I sure would not wanted us to use the funds raised from the IA2020.
  7. Survey for BDS

    I wish we could go back in time to the early 1980s before Tech torn out the old south stands and decided then to build a new stadium. Look at all of the money we've spent over the years remodeling and upgrading. Maybe now is the time to consider a new stadium?
  8. Article Says BEST CASE Scenario Is 5-7

    This is from 247Sports from a few days ago. This may have already been posted here.
  9. Grandma Talent

    The Dean of Atlanta Sports or something like that. I can't believe I use to listen to sports talk radio.
  10. Advice on moving back to GA

    I go in and out of Athens monthly and never have seen what the draw is to that town. I've heard there are some nice areas there, but I just haven't seen them yet. Kinda reminds me of a larger version of Milledgeville which has a nice downtown.
  11. Spring game thoughts

    Someone help me out, when practices were open to the public on Saturdays this spring, did they physically tackle and block?
  12. Branding Refresh - For those of you White and Golders :)

    If you notice, the head football coach has worn several black shirts and caps during some of his interviews.
  13. Expectations for the 2021 season

    We need to learn how to burn the clock. There is no need to run a hurry up offense when your defensive unit is worn slap out on the sideline. See Clemson and UCF.
  14. Expectations for the 2021 season

    I don't want to get into a debate about the differences between overlooking a team to not preparing or coaching a team well. I want him to show me and probably many other fans that he can coach a Power 5 team that doesn't get embarrassed, be it by Clemson or Citadel.
  15. Expectations for the 2021 season

    He took the blame for that loss and I've accepted it.