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    Brent Key possibly to South Carolina?

    In the big scheme of things, it does not move the needle, either way. We got a mountain to climb with our offensive line. Go Jackets!
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    Tucker Gleason Enters the Transfer Portal

    Oh my God, what will we do? Go Jackets!
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    Has the ACC fallen to the bottom of the Power 5?

    ACC is a basketball conference. I root for Georgia Tech and care less about what a conference does. Just participate in whichever organization guarantees you the most money. That's why we need to get back in the SEC. Go Jackets!
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    Good thing we did not play Ohio State!

    Ohio State won the game on the line of scrimmage. Clemson could not run the ball and gave up on it then OSU started bringing the heat. Lawrence was not use to that and did not handle it well. Their receivers must have been covered for the most part. I don't think he even tried more than a...
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    Good thing we did not play Ohio State!

    Don't think our scoreboard cold have handled that one. Go Jackets!
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    Ahmarean brown has entered the transfer portal

    He is just building his brand! Go Jackets!
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    247: Ranking college football's richest, poorest programs

    From a long term trend standpoint, mid 40's in terms of finances is not to far from our program performance over time. If you look at it most years we fall in the low 30'a to mid 40's in terms of final rankings. Our recruiting efforts align pretty much in this same performance scale. So while...
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    Cochran playing for GT in 2021 season

    I really don't get what we are doing to develop our o-line. It appeared to me we pretty much played the same 5 guys all season long and we did not see any significant improvement in performance. I did see Charlie Clark in there a bit in the last couple of games and of course, Cooper and Lay...
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    Jalen camp entering draft

    Malachi Carter, Adonicas Sanders, PeeJee Harris, Nate McCollum, Ryan King, etc., etc., etc. . We have plenty of wide receivers and a few more coming in the door with this class including 2 slot guys. Let's get something out of this group before we worry about adding to the stockpile. Go Jackets!
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    Cochran playing for GT in 2021 season

    What's happened with Michael Maye and Austin Smith? These were 2 pretty highly thought of prospects who have been here for at least 2 maybe 3 years and have yet to even make an appearance. Does anyone have a view on their potential to contribute or does it look like they will be permanent...
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    National Signing Day Coverage

    At the end of the day, I think we most likely concluded we did not need another tight end unless it was someone equivalent to Rob Gronkowski. The guys we have on the roster now are developing nicely and Blackburn can be a tight end as well so, unless Helms is all world, he most likely would...
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    Any room for more transfers?

    Transfers are not a guaranteed positive result. A majority of them are leaving because they are not making a success of their current home. For sure there are some diamonds in the rough, but I think building a team on transfers is not a sure fire way to the top. We will probably have to wait...
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    Demetrius Knight position change

    If he could not crack our LB lineup that tells me he just isn't going to produce at that position. Moves like this usually spell that it's not going to work out for whomever. Brings to mind Jordan Swilling a 5 star with nowhere to play. Go Jackets!
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    Fuente out?

    Too bad. I always liked Tito. Go Jackets!
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    Miami game cancelled

    Sad end to a sad season. Not a good look for Georgia Tech football. Winners never quit! Go Jackets!