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    The Late Kick showing GT some love...again.

    The important thing is that kids are buying in! I can care less if the old farts of the Tech fanbase are not. Go ask any GA high school football coach if the perception of GT football has changed.
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    GT vs FSU Uniform Reveal

    I think they look good. I really don’t have a problem with the Blue. It looks a hell of a lot better than the awful arena league Russel garbage we wore when CPJ was here.
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    Starting QB speculation

    I really think starter is either Sims or Yates.
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    #GTCamp20 Coverage

    I think he knows who the starter is and is not tipping his hand. The difference in what he has to work with at QB this year vs last year is night and day.
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    Coronavirus Thread

    The way this virus has been handled just continues to show me how extreme American politics have become. It’s either extreme left or extreme right, and nobody in the middle with common sense. The media is the same way. It’s all fear and sensationalism with neither side reporting facts...
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    Coronavirus Thread

    One thing this virus has done is remind my why I hate politics, and politicians.
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    Coronavirus Thread

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    GT @ Syracuse 2/22 @ 4pm

    I would play Cole over Banks. I’m sorry but he has disappeared of late. Officiating was absolutely terrible.
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    Player most excited about seeing

    The football version of Lethal Weapon 3 Gibbs, Griffin, and Mason!
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    GT / Louisville

    Great win! Really happy for the guys! I thought Banks might have played one of his best games this season.
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    Game Thread - @ Pitt, 2/8/2020

    What is wrong with Jose? Is he hurt or something? He hasn’t tried to drive with ball the entire game. Looks hesitant to shoot, and has played extremely passive on defense.
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    Brutal schedule / expectations

    Miami always is loaded with talent. Problem is they keep hiring morons to coach them.
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    Early playing time

    I wouldn't count Yates out. He was a 4 star as well.
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    Quarterback for next year

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    Brutal schedule / expectations

    Sept. 3 Clemson - L Sept. 12 Gardner-Webb -W Sept. 19 UCF - L Sept. 26 at North Carolina - L Oct. 3 at Virginia Tech - L Oct. 10 OPEN DATE Oct. 17 Virginia - W Oct. 24 at Pitt - W Oct. 31 at Syracuse - W Nov. 7 Duke - W Nov. 14 Notre Dame - L Nov. 21 Miami - W Nov. 28 at Georgia - L I see 6...