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    CBK Says the O-line

    Agree - but don't agree he hasn't tried. We have been thin at ol for years - guys play hurt and hurry back from injuries- some times too qui kly. You and CEB and abadu go should get a ticket on west stands (N 30 yd line is ol huddle) Bring some binoculars and them see them huddled up Key...
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    Will the Secondary be Better in 2022?

    What will make them better. Pickett and Sam Howell leaving will help. Having depth at DL will help. Having Sims make accurate throws to make first downs and keep them off field will help. Having a do or die attitude on team will help. Having 3 back up Qbs that are not option qbs will make...
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    Fall Camp News

    Please forgive me for mentioning coach Johnson. I met him the day he took job. Clearly a genius football mind and leader of men. He won so quickly that he got no $ to keep up w other programs. He is not treated as a gt legend. Some things didn't end well as he left w years left on contract...
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    Fall Camp News

    How many Super Seniors do we have verses our opponents. ? Gt Ol 2 deep average age 1.8 years out of hs. With Covid year Sims has how many years to be super senior = 3 iirc. When we have mature starters and back ups then we can demand a lot more. W young team and tough schedule , I...
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    GT Football Road Trip - Tonight, 7pm ET, ACCN

    Richt ( genuinely good guy) said he still got the creeps being at Tech after battling us for 20 years. Before last year on accn Coach R kind of with held praise for Sims - I think for his accuracy. Coach R had high praise for Louisville qb. This time after seeing Sims he compared his...
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    Pre-Season Projected Starters

    If Collins successfully or unsuccessfully brings Mayhem on defense, the board will over heat. I think we will see Knight at lb on short yardage
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    2022 Opponent Injury Reports

    The next guy up per Our Lads is grad transfer. Dl is junior or above. Looking at ol - they have several sophomores and juniors. Maybe new system will cause issues.
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    Fall Camp News

    At scrimage was DE K White wearing a cast on his hand?
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    Fall Camp News

    So cgc says Sims was making good throws and some where into tight coverage. Hmm. How do u tell if he is forcing it? In his covid year I sat in upper deck and watched the wr/ dB. The other team dbs were easily keeping close to our wr. At benz wr and qb better be coordinated because Clemson has...
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    Home Depot Backyard CFA Kickoff

    Wife found it on Mercedes Benz site. Search for chick fil a football game
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    5 GT opponents begin year in Top 25

    The Miami qb is good. He started slow but finished strong. His two best recievers were NFL draft picks. Last year Sam Howell at unc dropped off because his top 2 receivers went in draft. Remember - I don't bet $$ on my pick- it's my favorite case that is possible.
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    Home Depot Backyard CFA Kickoff

    Keep looking. We have a spot.
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    New Staff Hire

    When cgc was hired he spent his $ on his group, but did not have $ to keep Andy Mac on even though he stayed thru signing day. He felt he would get a contract (lots of experience, 3 year MTSU head coach , knows players, knows recruiting). Tstan let cgc quickly hire """his""" guys. How...
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    Fan Day Observations

    Thank you
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    Rank Your Excitement for 2022

    Yea, the really smart gt guys don't buy season tickets till we win. Kind of like how they work - pay me more then I will work harder. .