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    FSU Fires Baseball HC Mike Martin Jr. (Link to FSU Board)

    After cruising the fsu board, they’re basically all in on Link. Ramsey’s name was floated, but pretty quickly dismissed because he doesn’t have HC experience and they think Tech is his preferred job. I assumed he’d be among their top candidates. Never know, but I’m breathing a little easier.
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    Are we getting our $$$ worth out of Danny Borrell?

    Not yet, that’s for damn sure. I don’t think it’s time to cut bait yet. But I also don’t think it was time for extension either. The new pitching facilities aren’t gonna mean much when we get a reputation for not being able to develop arm talent.
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    NCAA Tourney

    If/when we play UT it’s probably gonna look like a football score. I think we can get runs on anybody and a smaller park is a nightmare against our lineup. And obviously every defensive inning is going to be butthole puckering time with our staff.
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    NCAA Tourney

    What a ****ing joke man. Have we ever been sent to a regional that wasn’t a Top 3 seed?
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    NCAA Tourney

    That would be a dream setup for us. Avoid the SEC powerhouse we have seemingly been matched up with every single tourney in which we weren’t the host. And paired with a National seed who we’ve already taken a series from. However, I’ll believe that they don’t stick us in Knoxville when I...
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    ACC Tournament 2022

    I think we’re already a 2 seed. But no, probably not too much difference between 2/3.
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    2022 ACC Baseball

    Well 15-15 wasn’t what I expected after the opening weekend sweep, but I also think we’re a freak Chandler Simpson foul ball to the noggin from sitting at 18-12 and hosting a regional. Also remarkable how bad our pitching had to be to find 15 losses with this lineup. Our 1-2-3 is maybe the...
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    2022 ACC Baseball

    I’d say 9 is near a lock, 10 is likely, and 11 is in play. Only 2 teams in the country have more quad 1 wins than us. It would be a travesty to leave us out. I think we’re a 2 seed as things stand.
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    ACC Spring Overreactions

    You’re optimism is something. But we’re fielding basically an entirely new OL (again) and Gibbs Is gone. We’re going to be worse on offense. It’s inevitable. You don’t subtract the likely Heisman from a bad offense and get better.
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    Coaching Staff Given Extentions thru 2025

    Wow. Thought for sure he’d walk away with Colin. If we end up losing Ramsey before this extension ends it’s going to be devastating. Wonder what “associate HC” even means contractually. Also curious how much we’re on the hook for with Borrell as he hasn’t exactly shown much in terms of...
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    2022 Season

    Agreed, and also worth noting that Arkansas wasn’t the only team playing midweek, and if other teams around them also won games against a tougher schedule then doesn’t it make perfect sense that they should get more credit than Arkansas?
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    UNC Series

    If there’s one thing the ncaa loves to do, it’s give Tech a 2 seed and feed us to the #1 overall.
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    GT vs KSU

    Nothing on Twitter yet.
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    2022 ACC Baseball

    This is the kind of way-too-early-down-in-the-weeds-weekend-analysis I live for.