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  1. Should the Fire Geoff Collins thread be locked?

    If people want to post in it, let them. Don't read it if you don't want to. Or lock it all down and write the posts you want to read. Maybe a livejournal instead.
  2. Mostly “Fire Geoff Collins”, some reminiscing, maybe bourbon or other distractions

    It's true, just not in the direction we thought he meant.
  3. Time to Bury the Asterisk?

    No asterisks for any years. All those excuses are going to be exposed if there aren't significant wins next season and especially the one after.
  4. Gameday — Mercer (men at 8 PM,

    "Call me Amy"
  5. Help! I can't seem to watch the game, where can I?

    Lucky, I wish I couldn't see it, either.
  6. ATL week 2

  7. The missing 2019 UCF game

    Uga fans are awful but UCF fans are their own particular breed of stupid. Ugas are pretty straightforward in their idiocy whereas UCF kids think they're the smartest in the room for some bizarre reason...never understood why. Someone around me was looking at grad school and said they picked...
  8. The missing 2019 UCF game

    We were the only challenge on their usual cupcake schedule. The first opportunity they had to make their schedule 100% comical, they took it.
  9. The missing 2019 UCF game

    I was also there. They chickened out. The NG presence was minimal in corners of the practice field. Other teams came up from south Florida to play while CF sat out. They ducked a tough matchup to preserve a fake record.
  10. "How do you spell Train Wreck..."

    The Falcons throwback uniforms are excellent. They should just wear those all the time.
  11. So who knows anything about BC

    Banks' effect on the interior d has been huge. Not just the blocks themselves but the effect he has on anybody coming inside and causing them to modify their shot or decide to look back out for help. They pointed out on the broadcast how in control he is going up for blocks. He has been good...
  12. Anonymous Donor Commits $10 Million for Edge Center Renovation Challenge

    Ok, ok, you caught me. You're welcome.
  13. Coaching Carousel 5 - You have to look through the rain to see the rainbow

    When you can't coach and you can't recruit, maybe this job is not for you.
  14. Georgia Postgame

    "UGA is the best team we've played this year aside from Temple. Temple's front 7 is the best unit in football, could probably compete in the NFL today. Whoever got those guys must be some kind of genius. They won 7 games this year." - CGC on losing to UGA by 45
  15. NC State Postgame

    He looked completely depressed after the TD. Was he always like that? Related to not being QB anymore?