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  1. Jose and Moses Post Draft

    Moses cut by Clippers. He did have this sweet jam over Bol Bol. Hope he gets picked up by someone.
  2. #GTvsDUKE Postgame

    This is Georgia Tech. We can’t have nice things. 😏
  3. Hire Geoff Collins

    If Jacksonville is looking to do anything, it would be getting “elite.” They would kill for our 3 wins per year right now. 😂
  4. GT vs. Cumberland: October 7, 1916

    I had a buddy send me a link to a tweet about the Cumberland game. He then asked if Geoff Collins was coaching Cumberland that day...... :LOL: I mean, he has given up 70+ to Clemson and 50+ to GA and Pitt and Cumberland gave up 222 that day and put nothing on the board offensively, soooooo.... ;)
  5. GT vs. Cumberland: October 7, 1916

    Saw a link to this Youtube discussion of the game. Pretty interesting. Note where the narrator discusses everything in a game today that Heisman is responsible for.
  6. Recruiting or coaching

    Good coaching can take lesser talent and beat better talent that isn't well coached. Collins can take better talent and lose to I-AA and G5 teams. See what I did there..... ;)
  7. Fire Geoff Collins

    I was there. Unbelievable victory and thought it was going to lead to a great season. Not so much with 10 straight losses. 😐 I was at the 3-3 win over Notre Dame in 1980 as well. One amazing game! Having said that, I was not a big Curry fan. Similar thoughts on Collins unfortunately.
  8. Fire Geoff Collins

    Agree that he wasn't literally run out of Tuscaloosa, but as I recall they were not going to extend him and they certainly didn't like him and someone did throw a brick through his office window, so Curry got out before he WAS forced out. He certainly was not going to last much longer in...
  9. Fire Geoff Collins

    Oriental, not sure of your age or when you started following Tech football, but Curry was an absolute train wreck for most of his tenure. Yes, he had a winning record at Alabama, but got a brick thrown through his office window because he couldn't beat Auburn. Many of his recruits were seniors...
  10. Fire Geoff Collins

    Tantrum? 😂😂
  11. Fire Geoff Collins

    A 7 year contract is ridiculous. A 5 year contract would’ve been more than fine. If this is Collins’ dream job, he wouldn’t have turned down a 5 year contract. Stupid decision to hire him, dumber to give him a 7 year contract. Hope he proves me wrong. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  12. #PittvsGT Postgame

    So do you question giving up 52 or just scoring 21? 🤷🏽‍♂️
  13. Fire Geoff Collins

    Or a 4 win season.
  14. Fire Geoff Collins