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  1. Virginia Tech postgame discussion

    The Key Play (VT Blog) has a pretty good breakdown of some of the contributing factors to GT's success and VT's lack of it on offense last Saturday:
  2. Great piece on CPJ

    I love this article! Thanks for sharing
  3. Interview with Will Muschamp

    I have an affinity for the Gators since I grew up in FL, a bunch of friends went there, and they also hate UGA. This video has me dying.
  4. ESPN article on coaching turnover in the ACC I the section below. It goes against the "CPJ is a jerk" narrative that some preach: Swinney was the outlier in the group. He remembers walking into his first ACC coaches meeting and seeing Bobby Bowden...
  5. Pitt confident they can stop GT

    Wow... The DE Eric mentioned: "Honestly, it's very easy," Murphy said. "You're playing an option team. You've got to do your job. One play I have the quarterback, one play I have the dive. I tackle the dive, I tackle the quarterback. Sometimes he has the ball, sometimes he doesn't. It's very...