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  1. Opposing fan perspective

    I did hear that Collins did piss some players off following the Pitt game last year. If you watch his post game presser from that game, he did seem a bit unhinged and was in a mood that was very unusual for of him. The specific players involved in the rumor did end up leaving the program, but...
  2. Game 3 #GTvsCLEM Media

    Devin Cochran speaks like a seasoned coach in this week’s player media. He seems like a guy who could really take off in the coaching profession if that’s what he wants to do. Hearing him speak casts a positive light on the program in a way the coaches can’t right now because their credibility...
  3. Game 3 #GTvsCLEM Media

    CDP isn’t giving details about the QB plan. It seems like they have to give Yates at least a few series to start the game given how well he’s been playing. If he can’t get anything going put Sims out there for a few series and then try to go with what’s working best at that point. Sims legs...
  4. Give Some Love to Jordan Yates!!!!

    Yates looks like a QB out there. Pre snap he’s showing leadership getting guys lined up. Stays calm, decisive with the ball, seems to be seeing the whole field, throws very catchable passes. I like Sims’ potential, but he may need more time to really learn the position. We really haven’t...
  5. Yates to Start Over Sims Tomorrow

    In the absence of younger recruits who are truly elite, of course. It would also be ideal if someone were coaching them up to the point where we were competitive in the ACC and didn’t lose to citadel or NIU.
  6. Yates to Start Over Sims Tomorrow

    Looking forward to a dual between a couple of QBs recruited to CPJ’s system. Also our leading receiver, 2/3 of our best running backs, and center. Something about recruiting at an elite level.
  7. Fire Geoff Collins

    2016 had some good times too. The Tennesee game in 2017 was fun until it was over. Since then, no fun to speak of.
  8. Ticket Exchange

    Anyone want to donate 2 KSU tickets to a fan who will wear the correct shade of gold?
  9. Taking Kids to BDS

    A security guy let me bring in some snacks for my son once, but I got the impression it wasn’t really allowed. Regardless, I’d say plan on feeding him lots of snacks for when he gets bored. It really depends on the kid. My daughter would sit through a game at 2 and have a blast, but my 6 year...
  10. Leo Blackburn -1 ACL

    Well, it’s almost football season. Let the annual kicks to the nuts commence.
  11. 2021 Adidas SWAG watch

    Really nice looking designs! It makes me wonder how much Adidas has invested in the crap they’ve been producing. I ordered the blue ATL shirt. I’ll buy a gold one if it becomes available in the cotton blend.
  12. Expectations for the 2021 season

    There’s truth to that, but “GT sucks” is an easy narrative for our local B-level radio personalities to fall back on when it’s a slow news day and they already talked about how this year will be different when uga plays Alabama.
  13. Expectations for the 2021 season

    100% agree. If we can’t do better in year 3 there will be some valid reasons to believe this isn’t working, and we are the local media’s favorite punching bag anyway. I’m just saying 3 wins sucks, but we’ve been a bad 3 win team when you consider how many losses weren’t even competitive games.
  14. Expectations for the 2021 season

    It would be hard to be satisfied with less than a bowl season. However, if we don’t get blown out at half time by average competition, we could win 3 and be a lot better than we’ve been the past 2 years.
  15. uga @ Tech for 2021 COFH

    Hamilton did fumble the ball, but the uga player was out of bounds when he “recovered” it, so our ball.