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    Bottom 25

    i see 5 ACC teams in this list; 1/5 of the bottom 25 and 1/3 of our conference this year lol. probably a bit harsh tbh
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    Salute to the Coaches.

    The OL more than held their own against a legit DL. In fact in some facets Dominated them. Night and day is an understatement
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    Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    Lol. Him? Joke! Shouldn’t be around
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    To all the FSU fans

    Again. Lol
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    Jeff Sims' First Collegiate Game

    he will. Good family. Good background. Major drive to be awesome
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    Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    oops. U suck. Our OL owned that DL. Sorry. Wasnt even an issue. my boy brent key
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    Jeff Sims' First Collegiate Game

    Omg. This guy has elite level skill. Holy crap and a free year. Way better than thought. Soon. Wil start hearing about him nationally
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    Article Jackets Brought the Juice to Tallahassee

    Dominated. Shot our foot. Better team won. Period
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    Weather Delay #GTvsFSU - New Kickoff Time 4pm ET

    Typical gt beginning season it seems. Injuries and odd start to a game. Again.
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    #GTCamp20 Coverage

    feels good to be at a true 85 before a season starts with mainly recruits and not a bunch of 1 year reward ships. Really like how collins manages the roster...he gets how to do it here for sure
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    Team is getting SWOLE

    agreed. 4.50-4.55 he reminds me of anquan bolden
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    Attn: Ibeeballin. Would like your thoughts on Pin and Pull

    Its a power play with a slight twist to it and the lb is going to read through the gaurd. Its not a hard play at all to defend. Its a physical play and its a 4 quarters come at you play. I personally don’t consider attacking the outside either like an outside zone because the lane is usually...
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    The ACC will delay the start of competition for all fall sports until at least Sept. 1

    50 percent of the deaths come from 1.8 percent of the population that resided in senior care facilities of which 60 percent of those were in new york alone. If u wish to read about that brain dead decision go ahead. But of the 115k that have passed around 55k or so from that small population...
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    Start of Phase I return

    We didn’t lose ground to anyone. This offseason by the nature of how our program and staff is structured we gained on everyone.
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    Breaking News!! Artificial Turf

    I like grass. But iiwii. Not one to get too hung up on really.