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I read that you are originally from Rome. I'm also from Rome and like your dad went to the Textile Engineering School. I was born in 1954. I probably know your dad or know of him. Chester "Ches" Chaffin
Heisman's Ghost
We were in Aragon actually but I was born in Rome. We only lived there a couple of years before Dad moved on to Tampa, Florida and then to Atlanta where I grew up "yelling to hell with Georgia" just like my daddy used to do. My father's name was Harold C. Herndon. I was born in 1954 and went to high school in Atlanta at the old Northside High School.
Hi Justin. I'm hoping to go to the Saturday game vs. Louisville on 3/6, so need a pair of tickets for my wife and son. I have my extra ticket available for GSU tomorrow 3/2, and for the Louisville games on Friday 3/5 and Sunday 3/7 if you have any interest. I'm happy to pay for the Saturday tickets, too.
Hi Mike, sorry but all my Louisville tickets are spoken for at this point.
OK, thanks for response!
I would be interested in 1 ticket if still available.
GT ChE 1992
I would be interested in a ticket if still available for either day.
I would be happy to accept your offer of the Louisville tickets and be loud and proud in the stands if they are still available. Just let me know, if so and I will send you my number!
GT2019 beat you by about 10 he's looking for two....hang on and let me see if he comes through..
Ah, darn. Ah well, as long as there are tech fans in the seat I'm happy. If he doesn't come through, though, my number is 404-735-8555. Thanks regardless!
I have two for Friday's opener that it seems I won't be able to use now.....interested?
Need your cell# to execute the transfer
I don't think I can execute a transfer after the game begins though, so I need you to respond ...another guy is pinging me looking for tix as well...
something just came up so I can’t go. Thanks tho for the offer.
Do you ever get with other Chicago Jackets for game viewing? My daughter and her boyfriend are in Chicago and have gone to one or two. They moved there in July last year. He's from Evanston and they live in Buena Park.
Thanks for the Heads up on the parking lot and spot hero. I will be in that lot on Saturday starting at 1:00. I will provide the beer, whiskey or soft drinks for the lead. Thanks again!!
I have to guess you could be close to my age ( hope you are not that old ) Yes I think both of us are right about Vietnam , people didn't want to see people they went to school with die. I had 5 very good friends killed over there one die a few after he came back but it was an injury from the war. The reason I say TV ( News ) was cause it was the first real War that was on the news every day. .
I agree with you. Several of my HS classmates could not get deferents while I was playing college basketball and getting a degree. Some of the letters I received were heart breaking. That wall in Washington was hard for me the first time.
Hello, bishopbee here, AKA 57golftango on discord sending pm per request
Attended my first Tech game in 1966 with my H.S. team, in Dodd’s last year. Favorite game was 1984 Ga game in Athens led 35-6.Red mass exit.
Chris, based upon your posting on merchandising, I am curious, are you the Chris from the old Tailgaters Alley? Mark GT '83