WSJ BCS coaching records vs. top 25


Ramblin' Wreck
Colorado Springs, CO
What strikes me is that only 9 out of 65 coaches (14%) have a better than 50% win/loss ratio with the top 25. Quite often this is an issue some people hold against Coach. Once again, I am struck how hard it is to be a consistent winner at the highest levels in college football. Time and again I see data that supports this notion. Given that we are not one of the factories and never will be given GT's academic environment, we really do quite well in the large scheme of things. I am never happy losing to the dogs. Would love us to get close to a 50/50 win ratio with them. Always want to get better. But I look through a more optimistic lens than some about our program. And, like a lot of people on the Bobinski thread are saying, those individuals that are more glass half full do contribute in the positive perception of the institution IMO. As Lexjacket said in that thread - "GT will always be fighting uphill. Tech has always been underdogs, and recruiting players has always been a disadvantage. They make the most of what they got, and have been successful at building a legendary program. forensicbuzz you are spot on!" In the overall results we are not at the bottom of the pile. We are really much more towards the upper middle than bottom.