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Women's tennis into Elite 8 !

Discussion in 'Other Georgia Tech Sports' started by 1939hotmagic, May 18, 2018.

  1. 1939hotmagic

    1939hotmagic Helluva Engineer

    The Tech ladies did things the hard way Thursday night against Pepperdine, dropping the doubles point but rallying to win four of the six singles matches for a tight 4-3 victory; three of Tech's four singles' victories were three-set affairs. Tough, tough win over a very good Pepperdine squad which had defeated Tech in February at the ITA National Team Indoors tournament.

    Recap of yesterday:


    and a video recap from the Pepperdine perspective:
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  2. bwelbo

    bwelbo Helluva Engineer

    If we can win wearing Russell garbage, imagine how great we'll be next year!

    This is a great great win!

    That overhead forehand at 1:00 is an extremely difficult shot that she made look easy...as you'll see at the very end when Pepperdine misses theirs.

    BLEEDGOLD Georgia Tech Fan

    Tremendous comeback victory. Didn't look too promising but these ladies are beasts. Now beat UCLA!
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