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Will the B backs be better this year?

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Eric, Apr 30, 2014.


How will be B backs be compared to 2013?

  1. better

    82 vote(s)
  2. same

    11 vote(s)
  3. worse

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  1. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    What are your thoughts?
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  2. bat_082994

    bat_082994 Helluva Engineer

    To me, the BBs will be better in terms of explosive plays. Laskey and Custis both will be able to leg out some long runs (hopefully). However, I find it hard to believe that either one of these BBs will be more consistent than David Sims was. I think Laskey can as consistent, but more? I'm not so sure, and Custis is a wild card in the consistency category to me right now
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  3. jeffgt14

    jeffgt14 We Suck

    I picked the same but it’s kind of relative too. If we can get the option game going outside then the BB’s will be better.
  4. GT Tennessee

    GT Tennessee Ramblin' Wreck

    Laskey looked to be 5-10 lbs bigger in thee spring game. He reminds me of some of the BBs Navy has had(doesn't wow you with speed but perfect for the offense). I do think that Laskey is bigger and faster than Navy BBs I'm just referring to the reliability he has. I do think he will have 1,000 yards this year. With Laskey being "the man" Custis has the chance to come in and be solid with no pressure. I truly think that the BBs plays will be way more explosive probably like 2010 BB play. This is my observation without any bias.
  5. ATL1

    ATL1 Helluva Engineer

    I got better. With CPJ concentrating on the run and getting his G-C-G players right and the infusion of talent with Custis & Wilson yes it will be better. Which is key for the offense to be successful.
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  6. presjacket

    presjacket Helluva Engineer

    I voted the same. If you just look at the rushing numbers, last season the B-back position produced more yards and more yards per game than any other season in the Paul Johnson era at Georgia Tech. Yards per carry were the highest since Jon Dwyer. Now I'm wondering if I should change my vote to worse. I think we will get a lot more rushing production out of the QB position this season and it will probably come at the expense of the B-Back production.

    Season Yards YPG YPC % of Carries
    2013 1621 124.7 5.69 39.97%
    2012 1433 102.4 4.86 36.51%
    2011 1175 90.4 5.25 31.20%
    2010 1539 118.4 5.38 37.98%
    2009 1571 112.2 5.73 34.60%
    2008 1439 110.7 6.69 33.59%
    Average 1463 109.8 5.60
  7. gtg936g

    gtg936g Helluva Engineer

    I am going with better. 4th and short, put Devine on the line and give it to Laskey.
  8. wingsrlevel

    wingsrlevel Ramblin' Wreck


    I don't think Wilson will see the field this year unless we get some serious injuries. Laskey should have a huge year if he stays healthy.
  9. Boomergump

    Boomergump Moderator Staff Member

    I haven't voted yet, mostly because I am not sure how to answer the question. They could be better and still yet gain fewer yards. Are we talking about productivity here or just better play? Also, I have still yet to see Custis in action with my own two eyes. That makes me hesitant. I will say this: we will be less pedestrian. I expect to break a few more runs and maybe have a better ypc, however, it is hard for me to imagine they will get more carries than last year when we had to call a ton of dives because we couldn't run the option worth a darn. I hope someone can figure out how to block at the position, I am a little worried about a first year player and a notoriously poor blocker sharing snaps. I was also pretty enamored of Donovan Wilson in the spring game. He is a player too from what I can see.

    I am going to vote better because of better speed and a larger GCG combo, but I expect fewer carries and maybe not quite the same number of yards. The running yardage will be distributed better this year.
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  10. redmule

    redmule Helluva Engineer

    If you believe as I do that the offense will be better, and since for the offense to be successful the B Back must be successful, ergo, the B Back will be better. Not saying anything about the talent of the B backs this year versus last. I just think that the improved quarterback execution of the base offense will translate into more yards for all backfield positions.
  11. UgaBlows

    UgaBlows Helluva Engineer

    Gotta factor blocking into your assesment.......i voted yes because basically i hope they are better lol
  12. dressedcheeseside

    dressedcheeseside Helluva Engineer

    I think MLB's will begin to cheat on motion and get burned on the give up the middle. JT's speed, not just foot speed, but speed of execution, will be key to the Bback production numbers.
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  13. Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau

    Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau Banned

    Like Tevin before him, David Sims was the target of all sorts of criticism, and the masses could not wait to get rid of him and replace him with this year's star du jour. I think about game five many of us will be wishing we had Sims back. Just a feeling. Sims was a warrior, a work horse, not a show horse.
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  14. Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau

    Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau Banned

    I don't think more success from the qb translates to a decline in Bback production. It looks like your numbers say we run the Bback about a 1/3 of the time. This system is a snowball rolling downhill. If the qb is more productive, the Bback is more productive. CPJ is not going to call Justin's number just because he is gaining lots of yards. The "mix" of plays call stays pretty constant IMO. The coach calls the plays irrespective of the success of the plays. He has to call the dive to create the potential for success on the toss, etc. The Bbacks will get their touches. If they get blocking and we have been successful on the perimeter and/or passing to keep the defense from squatting on the dive, then the Bbacks can get back to 1600 yards per year.
  15. jeffgt14

    jeffgt14 We Suck

    I’m glad someone else appreciates Sims
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  16. GTNavyNuke

    GTNavyNuke Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    I voted better since we will have a better option QB. Either JT gets it by fall or Byerly rides the mesh till the D commits.

    Laskey is one of my favorites since he runs like a garbage truck. Doesn't give a damn what it looks like but plows through whatever is there. Custis should be better, and we will need to alternate BBs (unless they have the same prima donna sensibilities which are affected by not playing all the time like the QBs.) {:Slight sarcasm}
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  17. TampaGT

    TampaGT Helluva Engineer

    Normally you get coach speak coming out of camp, but CPJ is not one to use coach speak. With him saying that we will have a better running game I expect us to run the ball better than last year.
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