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Why is it nearly as easy to hate Dook as it is the mutts?

Discussion in 'College & Pro Sports' started by LibertyTurns, Jan 12, 2019.

  1. LibertyTurns

    LibertyTurns Helluva Engineer

    Have a rare multi-hour block of uncommitted Saturday time & turned on the tv to watch some college basketball. I watch UNC get bitchslapped by Louisville and the next game is Dook-FSU.

    Watching Dook and the calls they get just makes me want to throw a brick thru the tv. It’s a different kind of hate that I have for the mutts, but it’s a nearly instantaneous hate like you get from looking at a picture of a pedophile on the evening news. I’m sure I’m not alone, but these guys just piss you off just looking at them.
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  2. YellowJacketFan2018

    YellowJacketFan2018 Ramblin' Wreck

    I hate Duke but my hatred of Duke is way below my hatred of Georgia
  3. Northeast Stinger

    Northeast Stinger Helluva Engineer

    Good question. As I think about it I know that there is something eminently unlikeable to me about Duke's football and basketball coaches.

    Georgia fans can be obnoxious as all get out but their coach doesn't seem to be the source of that like it seems to be at Duke.

    But that is just a first blush impression.
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  4. BuzzStone

    BuzzStone Helluva Engineer

    I love Duke BB this year. Only because Zion is a hometown boy for me and I wish him the best. I will go back to hating Duke next year.

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