Where the 2012 signees stand now


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I was asked to do a feature of where the 2012 signees stand on the football team as of now. I will break it down player by player...

Marcus Allen - Marcus came in as a B-Back but the coaches always thought he would likely end up at linebacker. Marcus had a ton of schools after him at LB during his recruiting process and he has a ton of upside there. He made the switch this Spring and as expected is down the depth chart due to inexperience and having to learn. Allen could see special teams action this year...Our depth is starting to show positive results on special teams!

Dennis Andrews - Dennis came in at QB but asked to switched to A-back after Spring practice last year. He has showed he is fast and shifty and can stretch the edge. Godhigh, Hill, Bostic, Days are the top four in the rotation as of now. Zenon and Andrews will fight for the fifth spot. Andrews will be get a ton of playing time starting in 2014.

Anthony Autry - He showed his potential last season before he suffered the ACL tear. Once Autry comes back in the Fall he will be fighting for a starting spot. I expect the top three in the rotation to be Waller, Summers and Autry. Do not be surprised it Autry ends up being the go to guy.

Freddie Burden - Freddie showed a lot of potential last season on the Scout team and earned scout team player of the year on offense. He is playing center and is being trained to be the heir apparent to Jay Finch. He got early in Spring practice and it is uncertain how long he will be out for. He will be the starting center in 2014.

Roderick Chungong - He is one of the many DE's fighting to figure out the pecking order this Spring...Attaochu and Dieke are the starters. But after that Chungong, Stargel, Williams, Menocal and Crenshaw are fighting it out. I would look for Chungong to be 3rd string this year behind Williams and Crenshaw.

Pat Gamble - A lot of people are excited about him. Pat was the scout team player of the year on defense season. He has showed a lot of potential this Spring and is on the 2nd string and will get a lot of playing time this season. The rotation is Cummings and Gotsis followed by Green and Gamble.

Adam Gotsis - As just mentioned above Adam is starting this season. He has been a monster this Spring and there are a lot of expectations for him. Look for him to be a force in the middle.

Lynn Griffin - Lynn came in last season and showed out during the Summer and had earned playing time. However he suffered a injury that forced him to redshirt. Lynn is known as a hard hitter and also earned a lot of praise last season. He is in a good competition at S with Jamal Golden, Chris Milton, Demond Smith this Spring...Isaiah Johnson and Fred Holton will be back for the Fall.

Beau Hankins - Another guy that I think benefits by the move to a 4-3. Hankins is a physical guy and likes to hit. He is backing up Quayshawn Nealy this season. He has been good this Spring and had a pick off of Justin Thomas last scrimmage.

Travin Henry - Travin suffered a season ending surgery last year during his redshirt season. He is out for the Spring but will be in a battle for playing time at WR when comes back. 

Francis Kallon - Kallon has kept growing and was at 310 before Fall practice started.  He has moved from a DE to a DT in the 4-3 scheme. He still is very very very raw at this point. The coaches are constantly teaching him something and helping to play lower. He still has a TON of potential and  will benefit from another year of teaching. Kallon brings energy when he is on the field and is a very coachable guy. He is 3rd string DT with Jimmie Kitchen right now.

Chase Roberts - Chase has been playing tackle and is trying to work his way into the rotation. However Georgia Tech has a ton of depth on the OL as of now and I would expect him to get some time late in games when GT has the game put away. Another guy that will play a bunch in the 2014 season.

Ryan Rodwell - Rodwell is battling Sean Poole for the starting job. It is pretty much a dead even battle and will likely not be over till the season starts.

Tyler Stargel - Stargel has moved from ILB to DE with the scheme change. He is in the same position as Rod Chungong as far as fighting for playing time. Stargel is in the 260's now and has showed some promise this Spring. hard worker.

Micheal Summers - Coach Johnson almost pulled Summers redshirt later in the season and said he could be our best WR on the team. He has been getting a ton of time this Spring as he has been the only healthy WR at times. He could get a starting job this Fall.

Justin Thomas - Do I really have to cover this one? In a epic battle with Vad Lee for the starting job. Speed, speed, speed and more speed. Has unreal potential in this offense. I expect a ton from him.

DJ White - For some reason DJ is the forgotten man by a lot of people. He is a really really good player and will be the #3 corner behind Young and Thomas this season. I have always been a huge fan of him and would be shocked if he is not playing on Sunday's after he finishes his career at Tech.

Early returns of the 2012 class are good...White, Summers, Andrews, Autry, Burden, Henry, Griffin, Gamble and Gotsis will all be expected to be be major contributors in the 2014 season and for some even in the 2013 season.


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I feel like this class is one of (if not the) best that CPJ has had at GT. Can't wait to see some of these kids play. All of these offensive recruits look good, but I feel the defensive recruits are what make this class what it is (and Justin Thomas). Can't wait to see Kallon, Gotsis, and Chungong on this D-Line. Thanks for the post Eric!


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Really great info.

Like bat said, I think this is shaking out to be a much better class than originally thought on paper. Looking for big things from White, Gamble, Gotsis, Griffin , on and on and on.


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I really liked this class from the beginning and kept my mouth shut when people were ragging on them because of rankings. Gotsis is a man-child and if you watched his film, you knew he was going to be good. A smart and fundamentally sound player who has a great work-ethic. Also I agree with you about White, while watching him last year in practice, he has "loose hips", and can turn on a dime. He doesn't have the top end 40 speed but has a great burst which is what you want in a CB. I also think he will be playing on Sunday's

Also really high on Gamble, He is nasty, and that is what you want from a DL!

Can't wait for the spring game, hoping some of our injured-jackets will heal!


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I'm very excited about this class too...always liked it from the start as well.

Watts is back in Gold (non contact)
Perkins is back as well

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Can someone clear something up for me?

My understanding is that there will be a difference in expectations between WDE and SDE in our 4-3 this year. So, while last year we could run a 3 man rotation of sorts at DE, the new scheme will change that. I see Attaochu, Williams, Menocal and probably Stargel as WDE and Dieke, Crenshaw, and Chungong as SDE.

Does that seem right, or what am I missing?


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Agree with Autry being a go to guy this year. Last year he and Vad showed some chemistry in the passing game. If Vad is the starter and Autry is healthy they could be a deadly combo feeding off of one another...