Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego…um…er…Tashard Choice? (TX?)


Georgia Tech Fan
No. Gibbs was based on losing and wanting to win and Griffin had decided to transfer months ago before he publicly announced it, which is why he finally redshirted.
My comment was sort of tongue in cheek because CTC leaving is just pouring salt in our wounds.

I can’t help but believe it wasn’t at least a factor. Either way , I won’t stress it.


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That’s a big yikes. Will be interested to see if we hang onto Martin and who replaces Choice. The money factor is really tormenting us.


Ramblin' Wreck
The only good thing Geoff did was bring TC back to the flats and now he has managed to run him off. Unbelievable! If this doesn’t wake up Stansbury, nothing will.
This isn’t running him off. He’s being offered a ton of more money, at a bigger name university, a 100x more stable staff and a lot lot more national coverage at that school. This also helps him get a step closer to becoming a OC and HC


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With Coach Choice now gone and all the other recent bad news of players leaving, recruits decomitting, etc. and given our historically terrible record of 3 consecutive seasons of 3 wins only ----it seems there are several descriptive phrasings about our football program that are truly applicable e.g., 'sinking ship', dumpster fire, circus, 'sh*t show'. Is the program even redeemable now? It seems nearly hopeless now to right this ship. Am I being only pessimistic or accurate?
Whose the captain of this ship ? Collins or Stansbury? How do they regard it? I suppose we can't really know.....