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I wouldn't know where to start to research something like that.
Not sure if you are interested at all in the answer to this, but for anyone else...

There is a cool subreddit for ncaaf analysis. Someone dumped all play by play data since 2001. Obviously not all time, but pretty cool to have that much data

I haven't really dug into the code the person wrote for pulling the espn api, but having 17 years worth of data is already pretty cool. With play by play data it should be as simple and filtering games where a team never has yard > 16 and then looking at the point total for the game.

I've always wished espn would provide a public api (I'd consider paying for one) for people to query their own stats.


That you saw a CFB team hang 49 points on an opponent without having a single play go over 16 yards? I wouldn't know where to start to research something like that. However, I am going to go out on a limb and say I have never seen it. Does it scream amazing execution?

Especially with zero scores made by the D, pick 6s etc. STs gets some credit for falling on that muffed punt.

But yes. We just ground vpi into the dirt mercilessly all night long. Great blocking by the entire offense.

Side note...we have come so close to busting some long TD runs this year but have missed due to a toe tackle. We are overdue.


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Let's give props to the kids because when games play out like this, turnovers or penalties can crush otherwise successful drives. By not scoring on run-outs, you have to run a ton of plays to get to pay dirt without mistakes. We were able to do just that. Some defenses scheme against option offenses with that specifically in mind. Just don't give up the big play and make them execute all the way down the field.


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This can not be emphasized enough. Clean option football is a beauty and so much fun to watch. It is maybe the most dominant offense in any sport when it is clicking.

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Let this sink in for a minute, we averaged 6 yards per rush and didn't have a single play go over 16 yards.

Yeah, I was thinking about that ever since the game. It's crazy.

I don't have access to an every play database, but it would be interesting to see median yards per carry stats, rankings.