What might have been.


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Just noticing some of the guys on the DL that we were close to signing but went elsewhere.Of course,there is the worst--Truitt( and his mama) who was All-A at ND .Now we have the Tomlison guy at Ala who is "making noise" I hear.The Lawson kid at awbern who was Fr All-A and was preseason allsec before he got hurt.Now Trey Flowers at Miss who is pre-season all-sec 2nd team..
It seems our losses have been on the DL more than other positions.
Trying to remember-what teams have we hurt the most with guys that we got in a close race recently?Help me out.
Just bad words-what might have been.


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Add another. Brandon thompson a few years back who went to clemson

But u know all teams can do this game. For me the attrition is the biggest issue. Guys that left this offseason were going to be stout. Jc lanier not panning out. Etc etc.

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Lanier started out at DT.

Good point. Some people are slow to embrace the important distinction between the general and the particular. The star system is generally accurate but its accuracy in particular cases needs to be judged case by case. Some want to hold onto 4* as if that applies to this particular case when it seems not.


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I think of any of those guys, Tuitt is the only guy we can play the "what if" game. He actually committed to us and really wanted to come here until his mom prevented it from happening. Maybe Flowers at Arkansas since he "committed" but he wasn't really fully committed to us if he got on that plane.

Lawson was a legacy, but we were never really in the game. Tomlinson we were close on, but his heart was always set on Alabama.