What concerns you most about the uga game?


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What concerns me most is our D-Line averages about 265-270 lbs against a VERY good uga O-Line averages around 300lbs. I am concerned that they can basically do what we do. Line up run the ball and dare us to try yo stop it. This could be the worlds shortest game. No passes and ball control on each side.

I think we will move the ball and score on them, but i am just afraid that we won't be able to get the stops on defense. Our good fortune lately on defense have been due to interceptions. I'm not sure we will get many opportunities to get picks.

Hope I'm wrong.


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Really there is no DL in college that equals the weight of an OL. For me this isnt any reason of concern. The fact is we will go 280 285 280 245 if gamble plays end. Plenty big. Freemans is listed at 235. He is mid 240s right now.

The reason for me is their OL unit is mature, talented, and great at running their scheme. Then u add nfl backs to the mix. This concerns me most. Getting off the field. Then loading a box and getting killed in play action.

Its a talent issue, and we have not shown consistent good run D vs zone teams all year. Thats my concern. We need to slow their run game with 7. If we do that then we have a shot. Size is overblown i think. The dl by nature cant be as heavy. Uga will start 2 dts and what is essentially 2 lbs as ends. I think the ends will be like 250 and 240 too.


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Mindset. That is what concerns me most. I like our teams mindset. I think they are tough and they are fighters. That is what I like to see. When you are tough and fight through adversity you have a chance. Set the tone early. Deliver hits early and often. Make it where they do not want to carry the football. I am so freaking fired up for this game. If I am this fired up, I cannot imagine what the players are going through. Hope they bring it every freakin' play!!!


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Their defensive front seven, Clemson's was good and limited us to two offensive scores, I think UGA's might be better.
Not as worried about their OL, IMO size alone won't stop a quick, aggressive DL.


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I think to win this game we will need 4 stops (punts/turnovers) total. If we can force that, we're GOLDEN!

Biggest problem is their OL, Chubb, and Mason's lack of Interceptions.


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I honestly am most worried about Jeremy Pruitt and their defense. When we get outmanned up front obviously we don't play well, just like anyone else. If we can score 28+ I think we can win a close game.


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I see UGA OL as ok and you think UGA front 7 is better than Clemson then I want some of what you are smoking. Don't get me wrong, it is probably the 2nd best we'll face but there is nice gap btw #1 and #2.

What concerns me: Chubb ability to make something out of nothing turning those 1-2yd gains into 6-7yd gains. We have to get a lot of hats to the ball and WRAP UP!!!

Also with Chubb being a homerun threat I don't see us playing much man coverage leading to Mason nickeling and diming us down the field in our soft zone


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My biggest concern is we lose the turnover battle.

UGAg is +16 this year and we are +10. We can't both be + for this game. If there are no turnovers, I think we lose.