what are your expectations this season?


Ramblin' Wreck
Improved defense. More sound understanding of their role on D and improved form tackling!A more mobile and athletic quarter back. A solid offensive line. A wider variety of offensive formations. More passing and hopefully a capable WR who can impose a threat to go deep on our opponents. I also expect to see better kicking from our FR kicker. This year has the potential to be a special year. Go jackets make us proud and let's make it a terrific year. Bust their ________! If we could accomplish 3/4 of this list it would lay a great foundation. Your thoughts Eric?


Helluva Engineer
North Shore, Chicago
I'd like to see us stuff the run and get a better push from the d-line in passing situations. Don't expect much change against the run, but am optimistic about better pressure on the QB.

still waiting on a receiver that can actually hold onto the ball that is thrown their way. I expect we will see even more passes to the A-Backs in their normal positions or maybe swung out in an H-back position or slot. a-backs have shown a higher propensity to actually catching the ball.

I'd like to say that the o-line would be more consistent. There have been way too many times the o-lineman has slid to the second level without touching the d-lineman, and said lineman (and friends) were in the backfield disrupting the play. Saw this a ton in the film from the T-Day game. Just not impressed with our ability to block well onsistently. Expect to see a whole mess of blown-up plays (hope like hell I'm wrong).

Expect better throws from QBs and more excitement when they break free. Also expect to see more mistakes and improper reads. These guys will be thrilling to watch, but will also probably have me screaming at my television/computer monitor more than I care to, especially in the beginning.

And as always before we start, I expect an undefeated season and a shot at the NC game.


Ramblin' Wreck
Less consistent, but more explosive offense especially from the QB and BB positions. Weak perimeter blocking and poor WR play in general.

From the defense, I expect improved line play and solid LB performance. I think the secondary will be a mixed bag. We will miss sweeting more than people think, but #1 will improve with the scheme change and coaching emphasis on angles. I think the secondary as a whole will improve if we don't give massive cushions at the line. It's a shame we couldn't make use of the talents of sweeting as that was a strong point of his.

8-4 with losses to Clemson, Miami, BYU, and UGA.


Georgia Tech Fan
Better defense. More formations. More accurate passes not wobbly throws. Stopping the run because CTR teams stops the run. If you look at Auburn, mine, Penn St, even Duke he had good rush defense numbers. I expect a defense more like 2008 which ranked near top 30


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Staff member
- Looking for good OL play
- Expect more exciting plays out of QB but also more frustrating
- Want to see more efficient passing
- I expect the A backs to be heavily involved in the passing game
- I expect solid play for the LB core
- Looking for some new things on offense
- Motivation and effort...This is what I want to see the defense bring. Way too many times we've played flat.


Ramblin' Wreck
Athens, GA
QB - improved consistency
AB - someone to step up across from Godhigh
BB - 1000 yards rushing from David Sims
WR - probably about the same as last year, hopefully better though
OL - improved consistency
Offense - becomes more dynamic
DL - improved play all around and attaochu leads at leat team in sacks
LB - IMO best corp in the ACC
DB - average play. Jemea Thomas has a big year at CB
Defense - vastly improved from last year
ST - more consistency in kicking game
8 to 10 wins with possible ACCCG appearance


Staff member
Expecting an improved defense due to simplification and better communication alone. Secondary no longer looking at each other as if they are asking each other "I thought you had him?" Not sure what to expect of the DL.

On offense, I think we'll have a different type of offense compared to past seasons just because of the change in QB and CPJ changing his playcalling to better suit the newer guys. I'm sure we'll see some different formations but I don't expect a 180 from CPJ's philosophy. I seriously hope we can improve our passing efficiency but this will depend more so on the OL being able to better pass block rather than calling more pass plays.


Georgia Tech Fan
Clarkesville Ga
I am cautiously Optimistic! Something unusual in my n with respect to Tech! But I expect:
  • A team that plays hard and smart EVERY Down, EVERY Game, and against EVERY Opponent!
  • A team with exceptional character and leadership
  • An explosive offense with more big plays
  • An agressive, hard hitting and nasty defense
  • A Conference Championship and Bowl Victory
  • A SPECIAL year , PJ's best in along time
  • A team we can be proud of Win or Lose! (Not Proud of our effort against MTSU & UGA last year)
  • A fanbase that we can be proud of Win or Lose!
I've been going to Tech games every year since Bobby Dodd was coach and have seen all the highs and lows, had my heart broken many times, and have even given up on Tech at times. But along come years like 1990 and 2008 to pump me back up. I just have a feeling that 2013 is our time to do somthing special.


Helluva Engineer
I'm not much for moral victories. Hard work is great, but if it doesn't lead to wins then I couldn't care less. I expect 8 wins this season. The 4 losses will be to UGA, CLEM, BYU, and someone we have no business losing to because, hey, it's tech football. I would be ecstatic if we win more than 8, and we really should win more than that.

The real problem I have is when is our next killer season after this one? I'm not excited about next year when basically the whole O-line leaves. I understand there are Sophs and Juniors to fill the ranks when these guys leave, but they don't have the game experience our current line has. I'm not saying the new guys won't be ready, but they will be a question mark and they don't have snaps against D-lines like UGA, FSU, Clemson, UNC (crappy team/great DL), VPI etc which is where real experience comes from. I foresee a change where we have a great defense and no offense (which has been a consistency under CPJ whether you want to admit it or not.) This may be where JT finally wins the QB battle because no one can catch him. I understand I'm rambling but basically in conclusion:

This needs to be the year for GT football

Wish List:
- 10 wins
- UGA win
- ACC Championship

I hope for at least 1 of those 3

AE 87

Helluva Engineer
Last year, we outscored our ACC opponents' average pts allowed by at least 6 pts (except VPI three points below and FSU right at). When you consider that we averaged close to two fewer possessions game, that seems to me to be a significant indicator.

While I'm concerned a bit about perimeter blocking, I just can't see us falling off that much in offense. CPJ still seems to me to have Jedi powers when it comes to play calling across a whole game. The only game that I ever felt CPJ may have met his coaching-match was last year's BYU game. So, my gut tells me that CPJ really doesn't want to let that happen again. So, that being said, I expect our offense to play somewhere between 2008 and 2012, not quite up to 2009, 2011 but not as sporadically as 2010.

When it comes to Defense, VPI still sets the standard for the ACC Coastal. Their cross-divisional games last year were BC (rival) and FSU. They ended up 18th in yds/game and 17th in yds/play nationally. That's including their games against Pitt and Cincy where they crapped the bed. While VPI oversigns and so still has somewhat better recruiting classes, they are not that much better. I think they've had the success they've had on Defense because Bud Foster is a legitimately good DC. If Roof can bring that to us, then I reckon we're gonna be really good.

So, my expectations:
1) Offense about the same as 2012 but no worse than 2008.
2) Defense getting more pride, more stops.
3) About the same O and improved D should give us wins against VPI, Miami, and CU from last year, we likely lose 1. I think CPJ wants BYU, so I put that into a likely win. I think we match-up well against UNC and should win that. I expect us to be competitive against U[sic]Ga but recognize that we'll be projected not to be.

3b) So, I expect 9 wins but looking for 11, hoping one of them is U[sic]Ga.


Jolly Good Fellow
Atlanta, GA
If we make a bowl and stay competitive with Clemson, VT and Miami, I'll be satisfied. If we win the division, I'll be happy. Other than that, improvement on the defense is pretty much a given, but we'll have to see how Vad shoulders the responsibility for the offense. Despite Tevin's errors, he was a steady Eddie when it came to running the triple option.

In my heart, I'm hoping for 10 wins and an ACC Championship. It's hard for me to imagine us beating u(sic)ga until Aaron Murray graduates, but we're playing at home and coming off a virtual bye week, so I'll remain optimistic until I have a reason not to be. GT closed strong last season, and I think they are going to turn some heads, certainly compared to mainstream expectations (which are practically nonexistent). Hell, I'll be happy if we crush UNC yet again, because how many times have they been favored going into our matchup? Practically every time.


Jolly Good Fellow
Honestly and I hate to say it, but I see:

-more excuses for Paul Johnson
-slightly improved defense if any
-slightly above .500 record for the 4th year in a row
-down attendance by the end of the season
-we take another step to becoming a La Tech

Before you bash, I supported PJ blindly for the first 5 years. I've always been a glass half full Tech fan until last season. I'm sorry but ill believe it when I see it from this point on from Pawl.