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We don't have a one man team

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Longestday, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Longestday

    Longestday Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    I know we all want a Hero that will carry the team on his back to the promised land. I don't think we have one yet. Perhaps he is on the team and will develop in the coming years.

    I was going through video looking for JT and Byerly film. Vad did have some execution issues, but the team lost or won on a whole and not on a single person. JT or Byerly did not sore every time they touched the ball.

    False starts were key. This was not on the QB unless he was causing them with an uncertain cadence or low play calling in the huddle. JT and Byerly could be better QBs but this has got to be fixed if we want to win more games.

    The OL was pretty bad and very bad on pass blocking. I will throw the BB under the bus on pass blocking too. Awful... we need to hold more in the since of legal holding. If we are not going to hold, then we better have quick passing patterns. Yes, we had injuries and people playing out of position. But, a new QB will not solve these issues. Tevin was a far better scrambler than we gave him credit.

    ABs have got to step up. No running into your own player. Go the right direction.

    WRs got to man up and want the ball (Waller).

    I am hoping the QB change is significant in that we can run a true 3TO, force commitments from the opposing defense, and get to the edge quicker. JT did not make TDs every time he touched the ball. But, I do believe I have enough film showing his willingness to pitch, an eye for the read, and the quickness to the edge. I don't think I saw him lose confidence in the play once and cut back in the wrong direction.

    No one has a better mesh than Byerly. Timing is everything and the mesh is all about timing and making the defender commit. I'll add he has an eye for the read here as he combines the mesh timing with good reads. He is a tough hard nosed runner, and I want to see what he can do against 1st team defense. Is his success just because he was moping up and/or playing 2nd string defenders? Lastly, I like his passing touch.

    Either way the offensive season hinges less on our QB and more on the whole offensive team.

    I'll go ahead and vote that the offensive season hinges on the OL...
  2. GTNavyNuke

    GTNavyNuke Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    We don't have a lot of 4 stars (four 4 stars and no 5 stars) so we have to play much better as a team than we have the last few years if we are going to do better overall.

    Vad was better than JT last year. That's why Vad started. JT may have overtaken Vad this year, but we'll never know. The idea that JT is a silver bullet is based on hope and not on the field performance last year. I like Byerly running the mesh too. So I hope it's a hell of a dogfight with JT and Byerly pushing each other. I also hope that we see a lot of both of them in every game.

    No matter who is QB, I agree that the rest of the ), the D and the ST will be more important.
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