Was Vad Injured?


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It obviously was a bad decision on both parties for Vad to come here. Time to move on and get excited about Thomas!


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That's fine. Given the events of the last few days, i may have been a little defensive. My bad. I agree that there are times when it's time to fight for an extra yard. Rodney Kent was advocating for quarterbacks and running backs to do it whenever possible. That's the idea I find asinine.

Good old ahso. As a religious man myself, I appreciate that side of his beliefs. But I can't say I've agreed with much of his football philosophy. Not that he should care. I'm just a fan with little basis other than watching the game for most of my 40 years. I did play peewee football one year so there's that.

Sorta back on topic, I have no insider info. I didn't see anything watching the games that seemed to indicate he was injured other than the occasional limp that seemed to happen to everyone at one time or another. But I think it was fairly obvious that he was psychologically injured early on this season. Many have mentioned the UNC game from last year as the reason for the hope this season. I saw it and bought into it too. I missed that fight and fire this season. I hang out with a UGA fan (my brother), an LSU fan and a USCe fan over here. I can't tell you how many times this season I told them he's given up and looks like he's mailing it in this season. Could have been injured but seemed completely psychological.

I'm also not a psychologist so take that for what it's worth. I'm a computer programmer so what do I know about people and psychology.


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I don't think that Vad was ever physically injured other than getting the wind knocked out of him and maybe a couple stingers here and there. However, I think there was definitely a point in time where Vad looked to go down anticipating the hit way in advance. I remember there were a couple of plays where we were just very shy of converting a first down and thinking to myself: "Nesbitt would've gotten that, he would've just tried to drill himself to get there."

I can't fault Vad alone for what transpired this season. We did have 3 close games against VT, ugag, and Ole Miss. With the way folks talk about our recruiting around here, we should've been blown out in all three of those games.


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He's not gonna add that kind of weight and we all know it. Frankly, I'd hope he wouldn't and he doesn't need to. He's quick and instinctive and he avoids direct contact very well. Tevin was very good at this, but Joe Ham, another small guy, was the master. I think JT will be fine in this department. My biggest worry is smart decision making with the ball.

Well, I have real fears about his ability to stay healthy and stay away from concussions. My opinion....


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QBs need to protect themselves but they also need to get the tough yards. Here is what I expect from a QB in that regard: If you are in a game that is still hotly contested and you need to get the yards to move the chains for your team, you put your pads down and ram it ahead. If you are already past the sticks and it is just a couple of yards, why risk it? Play the next play with first and 10, 2 yards further back. You would also be taking the risk of a TO as well. Gotta maintain possession. If the game is out of hand either way, don't risk it then either. It is a balancing act. In our offense, a QB is part RB. It comes with the territory.


Whatever. I was making a point. you wanna take apart every little thing i say, thats your business..

That was an awfully bold statement to make and then back away from without knowing who was on the other side of the discussion.

Carry on.


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Way to get overly defensive and make things personal. One of my grandfathers died years ago. And the other is a big UGA fan in a retirement home in Lawrenceville. Don't think he's frequenting this site. I wasn't defending anyone or even arguing with you.

I just logged in and saw your post. Happened to be one of my favorite things that people do on message boards. "Hey something just happened that supports my argument. I must post about it. See, I told you."

I don't disagree with you. Just thought it was a funny post. I think there's a time for a QB to put his head down and fight for extra yards (especially on an option team) and a time when it's acceptable to slide or step out of bounds to avoid contact.

Stepping out of bounds CAN be a smart thing to do. When there is no chance of picking up any more yardage, save taking that hit for another time...


Think about how many times a player steps out of bounds, and still draws a major penalty and first down.
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