VPI and a Little Perspective


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The VPI game was a roller coster with lows of 3rd and long conversions on D, 1st and 20's on O, and raining yellow flags. The ride took us to heights of clutch interceptions, completions, and scores on both O and D.

A win is a win and our men fought the good fight and left their all on the field in Virginia.

CPJ said they can be better and I believe we are seeing the flash of what could be with a base of determination and a will to win. There is no replacement for a will to win, for a team that makes the plays, a team who finishes the fight, a team that will not go down without swinging for the K.O. Win or lose, fans love a team who will not go gentle into the night. The team knows that to be great they have to get better. The team knows they have not received a crown giving them rights to any more wins. They have to fight for each one. Honor the fight and the fighter as much as the win.

Do you realize how the slow pace of play keeps us in games, keeps the score low, keeps the game within reach? Do you realize the change away from the soft defense, and by running soft all game, allowed the last interception?

GT will face some better O's, but today we faced one of the toughest D's on our schedule. The team knows where they need to improve and I look forward to their growth all season. It will take growth and improvement to keep winning.

Miami, Duke, UNC, Pitt, Virginia, Clemson and UGAg are not going to lay down, but I look forward to our players giving their all to defeat each and every one.