UGA hate week, UT edition


Helluva Engineer
I know there are a few guys on this board who are Tennessee fans, I grew up loving the Vols and living in GA. Even if you aren't a UT fan, there's no GT football this weekend so what better team to support? You can hate their recruiting in February. Never to waste an opportunity to hate on the mutts I feel we need a thread dedicated to it. I don't think UT has much of chance in this game, but they didn't last year either and should have won.

Always my fav UGA hate pic:


Helluva Engineer
I pull for GT, UT and whoever is playing Notre Dame.

My take on the UGA win today: Reicht and company have never out coached any other staff, ever! They are wonderful recruiters but could not coach themselves out of a paper bag.
They win on superior talent and when coaching becomes necessary, they lose the game.