UCF 18 point favorites

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Ramblin' Wreck

Does the number get bigger or smaller if we announce the firing of Collins?


Georgia Tech Fan
Are we expected to beat or play close against UCF? I thought many on here thought this game was a potential victory but has that changed?


Jolly Good Fellow
Just look back to our last road game for a preview of his eliteness in preparing a team to play in a tough environment


Helluva Engineer
With the uncertainty of our coaching situation and yesterdays debacle, it’s hard to imagine our guys will be in the right frame of mind to go on the road and beat a better team. I think we likely get blown out.


Helluva Engineer
UCF will be VERY telling for the rest of the season. I said many times that Ole Miss would be a tough game because Lane Kiffin is an offensive savant. Ole Miss is a really good team, and I would not be surprised if they won the SEC West or came in second. Outside of Bama, I don't see anyone beating Ole Miss in the SEC West. Kiffin is finally maturing, and the guy has a LOT of support through the NIL collective Ole Miss put together...we know this because Jared Ivey was on the other sideline Saturday. IMO, Ole Miss is probably the 2nd or 3rd best team overall in the SEC and will probably end up in the top 10 at season's end. I thought we'd put up a better fight, but I was confident Ole Miss would put up points...I just never envisioned our offense would lay an egg along with a stinker from our defense.

UCF is many times more winnable than Ole Miss. The problem is, will our players have PTSD from the Ole Miss loss and a week's worth of hearing that their coach will be fired? If our players come out in a shell and get run off the field, I'm not sure Geoff will survive the following 48 hours regardless of the money issue. Will the players even listen to the staff anymore, or will they all be on the field trying to put together a good tape for the portal? If this team does not respond to coaching during UCF, and if the fire in this team is dead, then it's as good as over for this team.

This may be the longest season in my 30+ years as a GT fan. I saw the year of the Bill Lewis debacle, and I remember the year CPJ went 3-9....but none of those years has the heavy and ominous feeling I get with this team. I hope I'm proven wrong, but I think this team is very fragile at the moment, and if UCF runs us off the field, I'm not sure this team has the ability to come back from it.