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Interview Tyler Merriweather

Discussion in 'GT Swarm Articles, Interviews & Photos' started by Eric, Aug 13, 2013.

  1. Eric

    Eric Retired Co-Founder Staff Member

    Q: How have things been going since you committed to GT, do you hear from any schools still?

    A: "Things have been going great , I've been getting some mail from schools like LSU, Yale, Georgia Southern and some other colleges"

    Q: How solid is your commitment to GT?

    A: "Its solid as a rock... decommiting has never crossed my mind and I feel like GT is the perfect place for me to be"

    Q: What made Tech the school for you?

    A: "The atmosphere of the campus... the honesty of the coaches... the phenomenal engineering program and I'm looking to be an engineer major and ost importantly its where I felt most comfortable at... I could place myself at GT ... I felt like I fit in with the players that are currently there"

    Q: How is your relationship with Coach Pelton and what do you like about him?

    A: "I have a great relationship with Coach Pelton ... he's a small town guy just like me ... he reminds me a lot of my dad or my head coach. he's a strict guy but I can talk to him easily and I have a ton of respect for him"

    Q: What do you bring to the field at DE?

    A: "I feel as if I'm pretty good at run defense and backside pursuit... I have the durability to take on a block from a tackle and I'm quick enough to get past him to get a good rush on the quarterback ... I feel like I'm mentally a smart football player"

    Q: Any idea on your measureables?

    A: "6'3, 233"

    Q: Any goals for your Senior year?

    A: "Make Honor line, Pass all of my AP exams, a true leader to my team, get better ever week, and win state..I don't really have individual goals ... I just like to go out and play ball"

    Q: Have you been able to meet or talk to any of the GT commits yet? If so, which ones?

    A: "I have a really close relationship with the GT Qb commit Matthew Jordan ... we play him and his team during the regular season and I've also kept in contact with Miles Taylor and others... we usually do group messages once a week or once every two weeks to stay in touch"

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