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Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by Longestday, Oct 4, 2013.

  1. Longestday

    Longestday Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    The big piece of information/stat sticking out in my mind is turnovers for Miami and GT. Miami is getting the turnovers and GT is giving them.

    Everyone here should know I am a Godhigh fan. He is a bomb waiting to go off. That said he has the tenacity to stay up to long and other teams give great efforts to strip the ball from him.

    Vad is a first year starter and has the normal amount of first year fumbles in our system. Combine that with the center missing a lot of fall practice.

    Our receivers just don't want the ball as bad as the DB on the opposing team.

    I see turnovers as a big part of this game, as turnovers always are big game makers and breakers. The issue is we we going in with a turnover issue and Miami is coming in as a turnover strength.

    Go Jackets and win the turnover battle to win the game....
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  2. GTJason

    GTJason Helluva Engineer

    Thought this thread was going to be about breakfast... damn

    *sorry had to

    Godhigh's ability to stay up is directly related to his biomechanics which are basically perfect. I've been wanting to write an analysis of his running capabilities for a thread on here, but I don't want to put bad juju on his senior year so it'll likely come in the offseason or after the season is in the toilet whichever comes first. Either way the summary is he keeps his knees under his center of gravity and when he cuts he puts the most torque at his hips taking the load off his knees which is extremely hard to do moving that fast with guys bigger than you trying to hit you. The guy is a beast
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  3. John

    John Peacekeeper Staff Member

    I'm more worried about Sims than Godhigh. I see Godhigh protecting the ball now especially on those runs where he's fighting for extra yards. Whereas, David seems to try to reach for the extra yards with one arm. That's going to hurt us if it continues. I'd rather him keep the ball at his chest with both arms rather than try to get an extra yard with a possibility of fumbling.
  4. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    I just re-watched the first 3 quarters of the VPI game for the first time. I got just as angry about the stupid stuff as I did watching it live.

    Stupid stuff aside, a couple of things stand out to me from the last two games.

    The first is probably the lesser of the two problems. It seems to me that Vad's option reads are inexplicably inconsistent. He'll seem to make some really good reads and then make decisions that seem to have no explanation other than that he decided what he was going to do before the play started. If so, that makes me wonder about the apparently good reads. Frankly, I think he can make the reads fine, but wonder whether, for whatever reason, he is not trusting himself to make them. His pocket presence and passing is really at the level of Tevin in 2010, imo. I know that if Tevin had QB'd our last two games he'd be crucified on some of our message boards. Again, I suspect that it's just inside the head issues rather than ability. I just hopes he comes in against Miami, calmed down and more in focus.

    The second is the more serious concern to me (and has been for a few years). I think our OL likes to run on autopilot. That is to say, that I wonder whether the success of our system has led them to a complacency of just doing what normally works rather attacking the D that's in front of them. Again, 8 times out of 10 it will probably still work and the O will be successful, but when the D doesn't cooperate, we don't adjust well. While I'm a defender of our O-Line for their ability to often beat and match-up with more highly regarded DL, this would be my critique of Sewak's coaching, that he seems to let them get away with this.

    Now, I offer these observations with all the caveats of just a fan, not an experienced coach, but what do y'all think?

    DressedCheeseSide, maybe you can get stylee or steebu to read these observations and make me feel better by telling me that I'm full of crap.
  5. Longestday

    Longestday Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    The opposition is getting tricky. They are hiding the dive "take" back on the line. This makes the dive look taken. In actuality, this DL goes for Lee. They are making the initial read difficult. Now add in the blocking issues and the initial read is very difficult.

    If Lee gives to the Dive they can change to the dive and keep his gain to 3 to 4 yards and on occasion stop for 2 yards.
  6. AE 87

    AE 87 Helluva Engineer

    This is not new. Still, in both the UNC and VPI games Vad missed reads that didn't involve such feints.

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