Interview Trey Klock


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Q: How was your Senior season?

A: Great. We finished 13-2 and were state semi-finalists. The team really came together over the offseason and we accomplished a lot of things that people didn't believe we could do.

Q: How do you feel you performed?

A: I thought I had a pretty good senior season. I was a captain and did my best to lead the team. We averaged under 5 passes a game so I don't have many offensive statistics but on defense I had 86 tackles, 22 TFL, 9.5 sacks, 5 Fumble Rec.

Q: How is your commitment to Tech?

A: My commitment has been 100% solid since the day I made my decision. I'm very happy with their season and all of the coaches.

Q: What made you decide on Tech?

A: It's an opportunity for me to get a great education from a respected institution and also compete in the ACC. The coaches were great and I loved the atmosphere of the south. I knew right away that it was the place for me.

Q: What position are you coming in at?

A: Coach Cook has talked about implementing a TE into some of the formations. I've also met with Coach Roof about possibly playing DL. But it looks like OL will be a good fit for me.

Q: What will you bring to the team?

A: Size, strength, a good work ethic. I'm just ready to compete.

Q: When is your OV to GT?

A: My OV is Jan. 17 but I'm actually going to the bowl game too! It was a christmas present from my parents.

Q: Any goals as a freshman?

A: It looks like I'll redshirt my first year but I just want to work hard in the weight room and get used to the college level. I know it will be a big jump from high school.

Q: What coach recruited you for GT and what did you like about them?

A: Coach Cook recruits my area and I've also talked with Coach Pehrson and Sewak a lot. They've been able to answer all my questions and we're able to talk about things other than football. Coach Cook has been to my school a few times already and really made me feel welcomed.

Q: Any thing you would like to tell GT fans?

A: THWG!!!


Helluva Engineer
Fwiw I think it'd be dumb to not use him at least experimentally as a TE/a-back. Blocking in pass protection will increase and he's a large physical target over the middle for passing. Hopefully Cook can plug him in there and he proves me right


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Marietta, Ga
Seems like a baller and has his head screwed on straight. Perfect for us. Give him a year at the training table and with the S/C coach and I predict a future star on the OL.


Helluva Engineer
Gibson, GA
This guys could be a great player for us. I would like to see what he could do on defense, but with his quick feet he could make a HUGE difference on the OL


Helluva Engineer
I was intrigued about him from first.he LEVELED guys on blocks-although his competition looked smaller.Those are awesome def stats .Where he plays might be a function of how much talent we have at a particular position.My guess is OT at first.
Love the attitude.


Helluva Engineer
Really hope he is used in a hybrid role some. Would like to see us pound the ball using him in a tackle over set with him at TE.