Mello Yellow-Jacket
CDH talking about how the shortened draft had some of our recruits leaving or laying money on the table. He gave credit to Ramsey and especially Borrell for the short time he had to bring the class in. Good read!

I am fired up for whenever we return. Did look back through the threads for the transfers because I thought I heard about a couple. Didn’t realize we had 3, plus we needed a thread just to keep these guys straight. A source told me, we have another potential transfer trying to get in. Feel free to put the ones gone/going out under this heading.


Helluva Engineer
What's up at Vandy? One of the top BB programs in the country. Did these guys get moved down in the pecking order by new recruits in their program. Their numbers look pretty good from a very good conference and a top program. Is this due to our assistant coach and his reputation with pitchers.


Jolly Good Fellow
They're extremely roster heavy, especially with the "repeat" Corona Class.
with 18 coming in in 2020 and 15 last year. They lost a few to the draft but not as many as they normally do.
They bring in all these guys and make them sing for the supper and cut those that can't or they leave when they don't play.
Lots of coaches talked about getting a lot of transfers from Vandy.

Tremendous program, and I love me some Tim Corbin. The guy is AMAZING. One of my favorite humans. Seriously. Great guy. I would have loved for my son to go there, but we were realistic and knew it would be extremely difficult to compete with 12 pitchers and 20 players in Christian's class.
Also limited degrees there. (No business or finance option another knock on them for C's list).
But we both loved Nashville. He didn't like campus all that much. Super small 333 acres and small school 6K students.
My wife and I would move to Nashville in a heartbeat, in the outskirts. Wonderful city and food, terrain and TN is very retirement friendly and property taxes aren't ridiculous like they are in Austin.