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Tough September for GT

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Basketball' started by THWG16, Sep 26, 2019.

  1. THWG16

    THWG16 Helluva Engineer

    What a rough month it’s been , today’s news is a lot worse than losing to citadel cause today’s issues will hurt us for years . It’s so frustrating !! I have a 10 year old son who loves GT &
    You can tell he takes it personal when our teams suck & when we do dumb things like we’ve become accustomed to last few years .

    I’m really frustrated now & will probably say some harsh things , but first off: to the peole saying pastner is a good coach : Memphis fans were ecstatic to see him leave , that’s a red flag , secondly I’m tired of hearing how he had nothing to do with labarry & the strip club & the Ron Bell stuff ! He’s the head coach for Christ’s sake , and he’s already been caught in a lie when he told the ncaa that he never saw Bell or had contact with him , I’m sure Bell didn’t turn into a jerk overnight !! Pastner knew how he was & let him come around the program anyway . So for the life of me I can’t stomach it when our AD says he stands behind him

    And to top all this off : GT shouldn’t have done these things , but the punishment is a little harsh . Why does the ncaa hate us so much ? In football we have a former player give a student $300 worth of gifts & we lose a conference title ? Really? If they don’t lay the hammer on Kansas I’m gonna really be beside myself ! Does some uga grads work for the ncaa?

    Anyway it’s been a bad day
  2. tsrich

    tsrich Helluva Engineer

    I really hope Collins can turn it around in football. We'll essentially be among the worst power 5 sports program the next couple of years and it's easy to get stuck there
  3. Tech93

    Tech93 Helluva Engineer

    I hear you. Being a GT fan has been really tough. We haven’t seen good basketball in a decade and football has not been good lately. I anticipated that we would see some improvement on offense by the Citadel game, but more of the same from our OC. When you keeping getting stuck like we are, it is hard to get out. I don’t know the answer, but we have to fight the ncaa rulings. In terms of firing Pastner, now is not the time IMO. As for Collins, hopefully he can start showing some good signs. Overall, it is very tough right now and there won’t be an overnight remedy for sure.
  4. Gtbowhunter90

    Gtbowhunter90 Helluva Engineer Contributing Writer

    Tough times indeed....
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  5. THWG16

    THWG16 Helluva Engineer

    I’m not very worried about football to be honest , but this b-ball thing is troubling , i respect your opinion but I don’t see why we’d keep pastner , people saying he had nothing to do with these issues is crazy
  6. RamblinRed

    RamblinRed Helluva Engineer Featured Member

    The reasons for keeping Pastner are pretty easy to understand.
    It would cost GT about $6M to go away and then we would have to hire a new coach and that is likely to be a horrible process right now as no coach in their right mind is going to take this job at a significant discount with these recruiting restrictions.

    At this point we have to suck it up for the next 3-4 years and wait for the dust to settle and then if Pastner does not have a winning program then you make a change as the restrictions are ending and we don't have a big buyout to deal with (and hopefully alot more money from TStan's fundraising).

    Since both the NCAA and GT cleared Pastner personally as part of their investigations GT has no leverage to fire with cause.
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  7. MtnWasp

    MtnWasp Ramblin' Wreck

    I actually think we may finally be breaking into the clear. I think the penalties effect things less when they are known than when the findings are pending and hanging over a program's head. I think if it hurt recruiting, then it has hurt recruiting more in the past year than it will hurt us moving forward.

    I think Pastner and the GTAA can put this stuff behind them and move forward. We have a totally decent roster this season and unless there is a lot of unexpected attrition, we should be good pretty next season too. Maybe Gt can appeal to get this season's post season ban lifted. I doubt it will work but it may be worth a try.

    As long as Pastner tightens the ship and he can land a serviceable 5 in this class, things have a chance to turn a corner. The biggest impediment that I see is that Gt fans seem to be firmly rooted to their butt hurt and are married to their cynicism and are not interested in forgiving or looking forward to this season.
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  8. alagold

    alagold Helluva Engineer

    Yep--it is a HUGE bummer of a month.
    In one fell swoop both the 2 big sports programs are brought to their knees.--The fooball team by the realization that it will 3 yrs before we are really competitive (with next yrs schedule).--The bball program by a combination of stupidity and incompetence which could relegate us to near the conf bottom for the next 5 yrs.
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  9. mstranahan

    mstranahan Helluva Engineer

  10. first&ten

    first&ten Helluva Engineer

    You're absolutely right R.R. Pastner is as good as we can do for th next few years. Make him stick with his end of the contract until this situation blows over , then we will know if he is a pretty good coach or not. Tech is only banned for this year for any post season tournaments so anything could happen in regards to developing a team!
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  11. GT_EE78

    GT_EE78 Helluva Engineer

  12. lauraee

    lauraee Helluva Engineer

  13. GT_EE78

    GT_EE78 Helluva Engineer

    I also think we're likely a middle of the pack team this tme.
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