Top 5 positives for the future of GT Football


Ramblin' Wreck
Wanted to know what everyone thought was the top 5 positive things were for GT Football as we are on the cusp of wrapping up football for the year.

1. We had a decent record this year. Our RS freshmen are a year stronger/adapted to college life & football.
2. Vad Lee got another year under his belt and should benefit from his reps this year and improve next year.
3. We're rounding out a good recruting class...ADDED BONUS: We retained Custis and he will be exciting to see his impact next year.
4. We are playing in a decent bowl game and have a chance to beat a SEC team and erode the mystic of SEC being so much more dominate than ACC.
5. We've stabilized the defense with a good DC and look forward to his impact next year on the continued improvement on that side of the ball as the players have adjusted to his style of playcalling.


Ramblin' Wreck
Athens, GA
1. Getting younger on both sides of the football
2. Getting bigger up front on Oline
3. Recruiting is improving
4. Defense is improving
5. Recruiting is becoming more nationalized

Beau Vinetti

Georgia Tech Fan
I will be excited to see a full season of Laskey at B Back full time. The guy is a workhorse who brings it every time he runs the ball. I like his ability to catch the ball out of the backfield. The only thing I see he needs to improve on is his pass pro.


Jolly Good Fellow
1. QB- I know people were disappointed in Vad's season but I don't think PJ helped him out in terms of play calling. He still struggles with the mesh in this offense but we saw what he could do with his arms and legs against UGA. With JT behind him and MJ coming, the future is bright at QB.

2. WR- Do we have a legit WR corp? The jury is still out but think about Smelter with a full year of football training. Throw in Waller who can catch and make a play every now and then. Autry comes back next year and Jeune and Messick will be in the mix. Air raid offense anyone?

3. OL- Another disappointment this year but if Morgan Bailey comes back and is healthy (HUGE if) along with Devine and it seems like everyone loves Chris Griffin, maybe it will eventually be a strength.

4. DL- Someone will eventually pan out right??? How many 4 star DL's can we have that never make an impact? Commissiong, Kallon and Akins are big dudes. Freeman in this years class is really good. Gamble and others could step up. It's definitely not a strength right now but someone has to pan out.

5. DB- We're losing guys but I think DJ White is pretty good. Jamal will be back next year. Lynn Griffin seems like a good athlete and coaches love him. We're good enough here but not without a pass rush.