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Top 25 for 2014

Discussion in 'Georgia Tech Football' started by IronJacket7, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. IronJacket7

    IronJacket7 Helluva Engineer

  2. Animal02

    Animal02 Helluva Engineer

    Look at his 2013 top 25 list compared to where they finished.

    1. Alabama (7)
    2. Ohio State. (12)
    3. Oregon (9)
    4. Texas A&M (18)
    5. Georgia (NR)
    6. Clemson (8)
    7. Notre Dame (20)
    8. Stanford (11)
    9. South Carolina (4)
    10. Florida
    11. Louisville. (15)
    12. Florida State. (1)
    13. Boise State. (NR)
    14. Oklahoma. (6)
    15. TCU. (NR)
    16. Vanderbilt. (24)
    17. LSU. (14)
    18. Northern Illinois. (NR)
    19. Oregon State. (NR)
    20. Kansas State. (NR)
    21. Oklahoma State. (17)
    22. Miami. (NR)
    23. Georgia Tech. (NR)
    24. Nebraska. (NR)
    25. UCLA.
  3. Brian Johnson

    Brian Johnson Ramblin' Wreck

    Why would UGA be ranked?
  4. decatur jacket

    decatur jacket Ramblin' Wreck

    Because 2014 is "the year." Duh!?
  5. CuseJacket

    CuseJacket Administrator Staff Member

  6. pckl300

    pckl300 Jolly Good Fellow

    Because he's writing in a Georgia paper. I could understand a gratuitous ranking in the 20s, but 12th? After the 8-5 season they just had? By that logic, we should be in the 20s.
  7. Rodney Kent

    Rodney Kent Ramblin' Wreck


    1. Florida State
    2. Ohio State
    3. Stanford
    4. Michigan State
    5. Texas
    6. LSU
    7. UCLA
    8. Louisville
    9. Clemson
    10. Baylor
    11. Oklahoma
    12. South Carolina
    13. Oklahoma State
    14. Oregon
    15. Auburn
    16. Notre Dame
    17. Miami
    18. Wisconsin
    19. Missouri
    20. Georgia
    21. USC
    22. Washington State
    23. Duke
    24. Texas A&M
    25. Oregon State


    Arizona State
    East Carolina
    Fresno State
    North Carolina
  8. takethepoints

    takethepoints Helluva Engineer

    Anybody who would put out a top 25 before spring ball is either a) nuts (<cough> Bradley <cough>) or b) a troll disguised as a journalist (<cough> Bradley <cough>).

    Others on this board may to do so since – let's be frank here – nobody will pay any attention to them. Feel free. With Bradley it's just troll bait. As usual.
  9. Rodney Kent

    Rodney Kent Ramblin' Wreck

    takethepoints: None of the above. Based mostly on returning personnel, coaches, lack of miracle plays, trends, 68 years of following College Football, confidence to be the first pick, and knowing that my picks will be just as good as the so-called experts.
  10. techman78

    techman78 Helluva Engineer

    Call me crazy, stupid, homer, whatever you want but im gonna go ahead and put it out there that we will be in the top 25 at the end of next season and win 10 games...getting some of the "bad" seeds, a possible homerun threat at B-back, more experience at reciever, possibly better secondary, and probably the fastest QB to ever wear the white and gold. Im sure I will get laughed at but I think next season will be a good one, time for some good breaks. THWG!
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  11. IronJacket7

    IronJacket7 Helluva Engineer

    I would love to see Derrick Steagall (in his prime) and Justin Thomas have a foot race. Derrick was slotted as a possible QB for us at one point.
  12. techman78

    techman78 Helluva Engineer

    Stegall was a freakin burner. Cant leave out Snoddy, remember he outran JT pretty bad! But JT is quicker than any QB I have seen. WOuld love to see him turn into a Pat White type guy.
  13. IronJacket7

    IronJacket7 Helluva Engineer

    Lol. I originally put Snoddy in my post but then took him out. I was trying to think of another GT player that has been a QB or considered one at one point that was close to the speed of JT.
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  14. takethepoints

    takethepoints Helluva Engineer

    Well, I didn't mean that your picks weren't as good as or better (I'd pick the latter) then what we get from the FB pundits. They generally predict that the same programs will do well year after year based on the same criteria you use.

    Personally, I prefer to wait until the spring games are over. For instance, my daughter-in-law is a monster Awbun fan and I watched their spring game with her. It was obvious that they would be much, much better then they were the year before, though I never would have predicted that they'd play for the MNC. But, hey, that's just me.
  15. Rodney Kent

    Rodney Kent Ramblin' Wreck

    takethepoints: That is alright, I am just guessing. I sort of dropped Auburn down a little because they played some tight games and they won on two miracles. The bounce of the football can change so fast, that the bounce may go the other way this year, and other teams now have the DVDs of this year's game against them, so the outcome could be a little different. However, it seems Malzahn might do well at Auburn in the future.

    I really went out on a limb and selected Texas to be #5. I think they already have the material, but as a coach gets older, some of them do not think as quick on their feet during a game, and also lose a little of their enthusiasm. Charlie Strong seems to have the drive at this time, and might do good things with Mack's material, but it is only a stab-in-the-dark from my standpoint.

    Also, Petrino and Louisville could fall on their faces, but I went out on a limb, because I think he will really try hard to succeed and get the monkey off his back. If he wins big at Louisville this year, he will be forgiven for a lot of his past, but he will be without the driving force (QB) for this past year.

    I also placed Clemson a little too high, but I am gambling the QB out of Gainseville will become the quarterback of the team.
  16. Blumpkin Souffle

    Blumpkin Souffle Bidly Biddington III

    Would like to see JT and Snoddy have a race in full pads. Speed doesn't mean anything if it only applies to track and field.

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